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Articles for product: Microsoft Windows XP Professional

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221111 Description of FRS entries in the registry
221833 How to enable user environment debug logging in retail builds of Windows
222444 How to add or remove Windows Components by using Sysocmgr.exe
223188 How to restore the system/boot drive letter in Windows
223300 How to enable Windows Installer logging
226476 Selecting a drive in My Computer opens the Find window
226494 Events for Performance Monitor extensions
228785 INFO: OpenEvent Fails in a Non-Administrator Account
232536 How to enumerate and run available Control Panel applications
232564 STOP 0xC0000244 when security log full
233427 Files and folders that are not backed up when the Ntbackup.exe tool is used in Windows Server 2003, Windows XP, and Windows 2000
234319 Client registers a second Terminal Services License after clean installation
234536 You cannot perform an unattended installation of mass storage drivers when you run the Setup program from the Windows CD to install Windows Server 2003, Windows XP, or Windows 2000
239536 How to Load Printer Drivers from Trusted Source Only
241121 How to enable the encryption command on the Shortcut menu
241201 How to back up the recovery agent Encrypting File System (EFS) private key in Windows
241215 How to use the Userdump.exe tool to create a dump file
241584 "Error 1058" error message is displayed when a service suddenly stops
242066 "Setup cannot locate the Windows installation you want to upgrade" error message
242536 User is not alerted when logging on with domain cached credentials
244474 How to force Kerberos to use TCP instead of UDP in Windows
244617 Using Driver Verifier to identify issues with Windows drivers for advanced users
244780 Information about Event ID 51
245030 How to restrict the use of certain cryptographic algorithms and protocols in Schannel.dll
247951 How to enable UDMA66 mode on Intel chipsets
248611 Setsockopt is unable to mark the Internet Protocol type of service bits in Internet Protocol packet header
249621 How to troubleshoot software installations by using Windows application management debug logging
249694 How to restore a Windows installation or move it to different hardware
249873 How to use the Regsvr32 tool and troubleshoot Regsvr32 error messages
251186 Best practices for NTFS compression in Windows
251192 How to create a Windows service by using Sc.exe
251233 Things to consider before you enable Driver Verifier Manager on production servers
251376 Miniport drivers for IDE controllers in Windows 2000, in Windows XP, and in Windows Server 2003
252366 INFO: New Registry Key to Limit Number of Reassembly Headers
253232 How to get the configuration and location information of a PCI device
253597 Automating Disk Cleanup Tool in Windows
254231 Change in Remote Access route behavior in Windows 2000, in Windows Server 2003, and in Windows XP
254649 Overview of memory dump file options for Windows
255582 BUG: An error occurs running Windows Installer installation on Terminal Server or Remote Desktop connection
256065 Cannot recover data after preparing tape media
256287 Unable to Change Password with User Principal Name When a Global Catalog Server Is Unavailable
256986 Windows registry information for advanced users
258826 Troubleshoot wired keyboards that don't respond or that type wrong characters
258858 Accepted wildcards used by server certificates for server authentication
260028 Fax device limit for the Microsoft Fax Service
260971 Description of Cookies
262177 How to enable Kerberos event logging
262305 How to send IOCTLs to a filter driver
262680 A list of the Simple Network Time Protocol (SNTP) time servers that are available on the Internet
263125 SP1 upgrade does not update recovery console files