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Articles for product: Internet Explorer (Programming) 6 (SP1)

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167380 Internet Explorer reports unknown type .VBD for Active Document
233391 FIX: MFC ActiveX controls paint incorrectly when scrolling the HTML page
306231 PRB: Apache Web Server Does Not Load HTC Behaviors
314279 BUG: The FOR Attribute of the LABEL Object Resets Focus
323207 Internet Explorer makes unnecessary POST request to Ocget.dll for .cab files
323569 BUG: PersistStreamInit::Load() Displays HTML Files as Text
326980 BUG: Internet Explorer 6 does not correctly handle the percent character (%) in a URL in the OBJECT tag
327258 FIX: Hebrew text in a confirmation dialog box or in a message box appears incorrectly in Internet Explorer 6
328498 BUG: When You Use Behaviors with Compressed Data in Internet Explorer, the Data May Not Decompress
329156 BUG: AutoComplete Does Not Work When You Use Script to Submit a Form
330280 How to use Forward and Back buttons for the WebBrowser control in Visual C# .NET
812417 PRB: outerHTML Property of HTML Element Does Not Display the Default Attribute
813503 Dynamically adding and removing an IFRAME with filters causes Internet Explorer 6 to crash
813819 Internet Explorer 6.0 document.domain Property Does Not Function as You Expect
814506 Internet Explorer: CellIndex is Calculated in Display Order
815313 Prevent caching when you download active documents over SSL
818857 Slow Performance When You Use Internet Explorer 6 SP1 to View MIME Type File Attachments
822534 Internet Explorer Stops Responding When You Use a DHTML Edit Control to Delete the Last Cell or the Last Row of a Table
826008 Data That You Copy by Using the setData Method Is Not Pasted in Rich Text Applications
831306 FIX: The FileDownload event does not always fire
831678 The cookie may be lost when a window is opened from a modal or modeless HTML dialog box in Internet Explorer 6
836128 How to use Forward and Back buttons for the WebBrowser control in Visual Basic .NET and in Visual C# .NET
836863 FIX: A memory leak that is related to ActiveX Data Object recordsets occurs
839873 You may receive a WinINet 12007 error message when you call the SendRequest API after you apply the MS04-004 security update
840545 A frame in a frameset may become blank on an ASP page or in an ASP.NET application
843164 BUG: Static HTML becomes editable in Internet Explorer
890078 A hyperlink in a frameset may open a new window to display the linked content in Internet Explorer 6
897169 FIX: The history for the current day (Today) is not cleared when you programmatically clear the history in Internet Explorer 6 SP1 or a later version
913862 FIX: Internet Explorer 6 returns an incorrect IOleClientSite pointer when an inner frame dynamically inserts an <object> element into the DOM
926133 An ActiveX control in an iframe object redraws when you click an HTML element that is located outside the iframe object in Internet Explorer 6 or in Windows Internet Explorer 7