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Articles for product: Internet Explorer (Programming) 5.01 SP1

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159923 How to use licensed ActiveX controls in Internet Explorer
167380 Internet Explorer reports unknown type .VBD for Active Document
180153 INFO: The Difference Between the <DIV> and <SPAN> HTML Tags
182111 BUG: WebBrowser Control Destroyed When Hidden
182598 How To Implement IObjectSafety in Visual Basic Controls
183803 INFO: HTML Layout Control Is Treated as an Unsafe Control in Internet Explorer 4.x and 5.x
183977 SAMPLE: Using HTML Layout Content in Internet Explorer Versions 3.02 and 4.0 or Later
190044 PRB: Backspace in ATL Subclassed CTL Causes Internet Explorer to Navigate Back
195826 PRB: CreateObject Fails from Client-Side Scripts
206998 PRB: Problems Printing ActiveX Control on HTML Page
226996 BUG: Content Advisor causes server cookies redirection to fail when servers do not have a content rating
233391 FIX: MFC ActiveX controls paint incorrectly when scrolling the HTML page
236458 PRB: Using Microsoft Forms 2.0 in Internet Explorer
257997 PRB: Error "Object Doesn't Support This Property or Method" with Remote Scripting
264323 BUG: Script Encoder Encodes HTML Comments Incorrectly
264470 How To Access Table Cells Using x and y Coordinates Through DHTML
265489 Approximately 200 or more SELECT boxes in HTML causes slow and unstable performance in Windows 95, Windows 98, and Windows Millennium Edition
266087 PRB: Cannot Use Script to Manipulate INPUT TYPE=File Value
271451 How To Force Creation of an Internet Code Download Log
271594 Internet component download online troubleshooter is available
272315 PRB: Size Attribute Does Not Control the Width of <INPUT> Text Element
272760 BUG: document.write from Automation Client May Change URL to about:blank
272762 BUG: Cannot Use RES Protocol to Display Licensed Controls
274202 How To Control the Context Menu in an ATL HTML Control
274204 The shExpMatch function in .pac files does not support regular expressions
275046 SAMPLE: How to Use AsyncHTTP to Call WinInet APIs Asynchronously
275609 FIX: Java Security Issue Allows Access to ActiveX Controls
278434 INFO: Location of the DHTML Edit Control Include Files (Dhtmled.vbs and Dhtmled.js)
278454 PRB: Error 80070005 "Unexpected Error" When You Use Remote Data Service
279115 How To Use CLng() to Convert Hexadecimal Number back to Decimal in VBScript
279460 How to use the mailto: protocol in a <FORM> action
279497 How To Get Protocol Headers in a Pluggable Protocol Handler
280522 How To Handle POST Requests in a Pluggable Protocol Handler
282168 INFO: Hosting ActiveX Controls in a Netscape Plug-in
285081 INFO: XMLHTTPRequest Object Requires Internet Explorer 5.0 or Later
287738 PRB: Disabled Form Elements Are Not Submitted
290050 BUG: XML Data Source Object Recordset Pointer Is Corrupted When You Delete Records in Window_onLoad() Event Procedure
290102 How To Use a Few <SELECT> Tags to Implement a Large Table
293086 How To Programmatically Close a Visual Basic ActiveX Document
293099 BUG: Cached XML files generate unnecessary GET requests
293125 How To Programmatically Copy an IMG Element to the Clipboard
293336 INFO: WebCast: MIME Type Handling in Microsoft Internet Explorer
293792 PRB: Three GET Requests Are Sent When You Retrieve Plug-in Served Content
294870 BUG: Using NewWindow or NewWindow2 to Always Navigate in the Same Window Fails in Some Instances
294984 BUG: Internet Explorer 5.5 Fails When You Access an Element Whose Display Style Is Set to None
297822 PRB: Active Documents Appear Blank in Internet Explorer When They Are Not Cached
297950 How To Find the src Attribute of a Frame Element
298498 How To Prevent Form Submission When User Presses the ENTER Key on a Form
298790 BUG: Script Encoder Does Not Decode Properly When Locale Changes
298978 BUG: Adding OPTION to SELECT Box Contained by Non-Display Element May Lose Selection