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BUG: WebBrowser Control Destroyed When Hidden

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The Microsoft WebBrowser control is used in a Microsoft Foundation Class (MFC) application and, following the dynamic creation of the control or call to ShowWindow(SW_HIDE), results in the control's methods not functioning or a debug assertion in Winocc.cpp.

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If the WebBrowser control is created dynamically without specifying the WS_VISIBLE window style, or if the control's ShowWindow(SW_HIDE) method is called, this results in a call to the control's IOleControl::DoVerb() method with the OLEVERB_HIDE verb. This in turn causes the instance of Internet Explorer to be destroyed, preventing further access to the control's methods, or if built with a debug configuration, the application asserts when CWnd methods are called for the control.

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Specify the WS_VISIBLE window style when dynamically creating a WebBrowser control and do not call the control's ShowWindow(SW_HIDE) method.

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Microsoft has confirmed that this is a bug in the Microsoft products that are listed at the beginning of this article.

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More information

If you need to hide the WebBrowser control, call the Windows SDK ShowWindow() API directly.

Use the following code to hide the control:
::ShowWindow( m_Control.GetSafeHwnd(), SW_HIDE );
Use the following code to show the control:
::ShowWindow( m_Control.GetSafeHwnd(), SW_SHOW );

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