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Articles for product: Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition SP1

Article ID Article Title Hidden
163637 INFO: Availability of Current Build of Microsoft VM
242066 "Setup cannot locate the Windows installation you want to upgrade" error message
306203 Internet Connection Firewall and Basic Firewall do not block Internet Protocol Version 6 traffic
321697 You cannot make floppy disk controller physically probe floppy drives
329682 "Error: An Inconsistency Was Encountered on the Requested Media" Error Message with NTBackup
329928 ICF in Windows XP SP1 and Windows Server 2003 blocks unsolicited inbound unicast, multicast, and broadcast traffic
811492 It may take 35 seconds to delete files over the network
813138 Description of the KeepPageFile= setting for Windows XP and Windows Server 2003
815227 Performance degradation occurs in the UnmapViewOfFile function
816045 Group Policies may not apply because of network ICMP policies
816496 TCP Congestion Window Does Not Return to Optimal Length in Bidirectional Communication Streams
823836 Removing Windows software updates in the wrong order may cause the operating system to stop functioning
827537 Windows XP Service Pack 1 and Windows Server 2003 wireless clients are not compatible with RSA Security Extensible Authentication Protocol (EAP) type
837692 An instance of the Explorer.exe process starts unexpectedly when you call the InstallHinfSection function in the SetupAPI.dll file on a Windows XP-based or on a Windows Server 2003-based computer
886986 Functionality restrictions of the Diskpart.exe utility to extend system and boot partitions in Windows Server 2003 and in Windows XP
890621 Workaround for the vulnerability in the Indexing Service that could allow remote code execution
893605 You receive an "IDS_INSTALLFAILED" error message and an access violation occurs if you configure an Outlook Express account profile on your Windows XP-based, Windows 2000-based or Windows Server 2003-based computer
894194 An application that implements the IMallocSpy debugging interface may experience heap corruption after you install security update 873333
894926 After you install security update 867282 that is included with Security Bulletin MS05-014, Internet Explorer crashes when you copy images from Web sites that use the <input type=image> tag
896427 After you install security update 885250 (MS05-011), you may not be able to view the contents of a subfolder on a network share by using Windows XP or Windows Server 2003
896428 MS05-033: Vulnerability in Telnet client could allow information disclosure
903235 MS05-037: Vulnerability in JView Profiler could allow remote code execution
907245 MS05-048: Vulnerability in the Microsoft Collaboration Data Objects could allow code execution