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Articles for product: Microsoft Data Access Components 2.5 Service Pack 1

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196956 DOC: Visual Basic Does Not Allow You to Build OLE DB Providers
222120 INFO: Last Trailing Zero in Numeric Field Truncated with Sybase Database
252482 FIX: ADO Disconnected Recordset That Uses Parameterized Query Is Not Disconnected by SQL Server
259941 FIX: 50 or More Output Parameters Produces "Unspecified Error" with the OLE DB Provider for Oracle
266322 INFO: Database Components to Distribute with ADO, ODBC, OLEDB or an RDS Application
269842 PRB: ADO Disconnected Recordset Appears to Leak Memory when Editing in Place
271177 FIX: Unable To Repair Password Protected Database Through ODBC Control Panel
271461 FIX: "Method 'Recordset' of object 'IAdodc' Failed" Error Message with ADO Data Control
271553 PRB: Marshalling ADO Recordsets During an AddNew Method
272951 FIX: Microsoft Access/Jet ODBC Driver returns size of 2 gigabytes for computed text columns
273772 FIX: Memory Leak in Jet ODBC Driver with SQL_NUMERIC or SQL_C_BINARY Data
274423 FIX: ADO Suppresses Errors When Fetching into Nonvariant Datatypes
275927 PRB: Run-Time Error Message 3705 Occurs When Trying to Set the ActiveConnection Property of an ADO Recordset to Nothing
277033 FIX: SQL_BIGINT in 2.x ODBC Driver is mapped to SQL_C_SBIGINT 3.0 datatype
277711 FIX: Updates to Linked ODBC Tables Causes Access Violation in Msjet40.dll
278454 PRB: Error 80070005 "Unexpected Error" When You Use Remote Data Service
278842 FIX: MTS COM Object Fails to Pool OLE DB Connections
279245 FIX: Default Column Properties Cleared When You Set or Check Values by Using ADOX to an Access Database
279651 PRB: ADO Recordset Field Name with Letter "i" Is Case-sensitive with Turkish Settings
279882 SAMPLE: ODBCConfTool20.exe Obtains ODBC Driver Conformance Level
280757 FIX: SQLParamData or SQLFetch Fails When SQL_ATTR_CURSOR_TYPE Cursor Type is Set to SQL_CURSOR_STATIC
282177 FIX: ADO 2.5 Leaks Resources When Using Stream and Record Objects
286241 PRB: Error Message When You Save a NULL Value with ADODC and Bound Controls
288054 SAMPLE: RLockMFC.exe Demonstrates Row-Level Locking Using MFC and SQL Server
288343 BUG: Excel ODBC Driver Disregards the FirstRowHasNames or Header Setting
288403 PRB: Visual Basic String (BSTR) in Variant Field in ADO Recordset Cannot Be Persisted to ADTG
288772 BUG: Error Message Received When You Use the DTPicker to Update Table
289280 BUG: Oracle ODBC Connectivity Slow with MDAC 2.5/2.6 on Windows 95/98/NT
291999 PRB: DB2 Stored Procedures on OS390 Return Invalid Parameter Information
292604 FIX: Microsoft ODBC Driver for Oracle Is Not Successful on Client Cursor with Embedded Bracket
293658 How To Force Query-Based Updates with ADO and MSDASQL
293659 BUG: SQL Server ODBC Driver Incorrectly Maps Unicode Datatypes with SQL_C_DEFAULT
293802 PRB: ADO Refresh Method May Fail with Oracle Stored Procedure
293828 BUG: Excel File Size Grows When You Edit or Update ADO Recordset on Excel Spreadsheet
293858 FIX: Problem When You Save Project 98 File to Oracle Database on the German or Japanese Version of Windows 2000
293862 FIX: Excel ODBC Driver Cannot Open Excel 4.0 XLS Files
293873 PRB: ADO Recordset AddNew and Update Methods Ignore ANSI PADDING OFF Setting
294141 PRB: Error Opening Shaped Recordset Based on Recordset with Temporary Table
294160 BUG: Update of Newly Inserted Row Causes DB_E_ERRORSOCCURRED
294167 FIX: AV with SQLOLEDB Provider When PRINT Statement in Stored Procedure Returns More Than 512 Bytes of Data
294424 PRB: Error Opening an ADO Recordset from a File
294875 FIX: SQLTables() Function Returns No Data for SQL Server Database Names That Contain Underscore
297997 PRB: MSXML Performance Bottleneck in ShareMutex Under Stress
298145 FIX: REPAIR_DB Option May Remove Encryption from Access 2000 Database
298943 BUG: "Connect Timeout" Value Does Not Persist in UDL File
298961 FIX: No Error Message When XML Malformed File Opened in Internet Explorer on Windows 95/98/Me Systems
300948 BUG: Incorrect TABLE_TYPE Is Returned for Excel Worksheets
304578 INFO: What Happens When MDAC 2.5 SP1 or SP2 Is Installed Over MDAC 2.6
305387 BUG: UpdateBatch Generates SQL Statement That Cannot Reuse SQL Server Query Plans
305838 PRB: MDAC Installation on Windows Terminal Server May Fail