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Articles for product: Microsoft Office InfoPath 2003

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555838 How to automatically display the first item in a drop-down list box in InfoPath 2003
822020 You cannot create a form from a Web service that returns an ADO.NET dataset in InfoPath 2003
822024 Expression box may return incorrect results for mathematical expressions in InfoPath 2003 or in InfoPath 2007
822026 Data from a large table may be lost when you paste the data in an InfoPath 2007 form or in an InfoPath 2003 form
822030 BUG: Error message occurs after you modify the extracted style sheet in InfoPath 2003
823435 Problems may occur when you try to integrate an InfoPath 2003 Form with BizTalk 2002
823436 BUG: "Access is denied" error message when you try to open a form with the ExternalApplication object in InfoPath 2003
826989 You cannot automatically submit structured XML data to a Web service in InfoPath 2003
826990 How to view transformed InfoPath form data in Internet Explorer
826991 Install InfoPath to access features and benefits
826992 How to use wildcard characters in an InfoPath form query when binding to an ADO data source
826996 How to bind a Rich Text Box control to an element that is returned from a Web service in InfoPath and Visual Studio .NET 2003
826999 How to handle mixed content elements in XML documents in InfoPath 2007 and in InfoPath 2003
827001 How to distribute an InfoPath 2003 form template to offline users in Office InfoPath 2003
827003 How to change the URL of a Web service in InfoPath 2003
827004 How to create a required string field for an InfoPath data source
827005 How to bind an XML data source to InfoPath fields in Office InfoPath
827006 How to modify an external schema for an InfoPath form
827008 How to use a script or a secondary data source field for conditional formatting in InfoPath
827009 How to resize the controls on a Microsoft Office InfoPath form based on the width of the form
827011 How to add a header and page numbers to a form in Infopath 2003 or in InfoPath 2007
828853 How To: Change the Script Language for Your InfoPath Form
831795 You cannot create a form from a Web service that returns an ADO.NET dataset in InfoPath 2003
832122 How to implement a recursive data source structure and a view in Office InfoPath 2003
832511 How to put an image on a button in InfoPath 2003 or in InfoPath 2007
833859 Description of InfoPath 2003 (German) hotfix package: March 12, 2004
835738 The "Send to Mail Recipient" option is not available on the File menu in InfoPath 2003
837002 Description of the InfoPath 2003 hotfix package: February 29, 2004
837013 InfoPath may crash when you repeatedly click button controls that change form content
840184 You receive an error message when you use the Script Editor in an Office 2003 program
867436 BUG: You may receive an error message, or the program may stop responding when you open a file in InfoPath 2007 or in InfoPath 2003
870819 Right-to-left characters in a field that is contained in a table may cause InfoPath 2003 to quit unexpectedly
870845 You receive the "InfoPath cannot run the specified query" error message when a Web service data connection contains NULL characters in InfoPath 2003
886706 Description of the InfoPath 2003 post-Service Pack 1 hotfix package: September 30, 2004
887982 Description of the Update for InfoPath 2003: December 14, 2004
888702 Operations on DOM nodes take a long time when you process a very large amount of data in InfoPath
888705 InfoPath stops responding when there is an ActiveX control with a ReadyState property
889493 When you fill out a form or you preview a form on a Tablet PC, ink pictures that you fill in on the form may flash or may flicker as you scroll in InfoPath
889494 InfoPath 2007 and InfoPath 2003 cannot correctly generate a form when a WSDL file uses definitions with a type reference
890952 Description of the InfoPath 2003 post-Service Pack 1 hotfix package: December 17, 2004
891161 Data connections that use the same data source are no longer valid after you change one of the connections in InfoPath
891165 An ActiveX control does not appear as you expect it to when you add the control to a form in InfoPath
891441 You may receive a "Document Locked" error message in the BizTalk Server 2004 error log when you save an InfoPath document directly to a Windows SharePoint Services site
891771 You receive "A picture control must be bound to a non-repeating field with a picture data type" error message when you try to embed a picture control in InfoPath 2007 or in InfoPath 2003
891962 Users must belong to the Administrators group or to the Debugger Users group to use the Script Editor component in Office
892950 ActiveX controls that perform cross-domain data binding cannot be used in InfoPath
892951 When the Response.Charset property is set to NULL on an ASP.NET Web page, the source code of the Web page is returned instead of the Response content body if you try to open a form in Office InfoPath
892952 How to use script for cascading deletes in tables that have a master/detail relationship in InfoPath
892953 You cannot use the TAB key to select controls that are set to read-only in InfoPath 2003
895868 You must install other Office applications to use some features in InfoPath