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Articles for product: .NET Framework 1.0

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313105 FIX: Cannot Compile Code-Behind Files That Use Src Attribute on a UNC Share
315059 FIX: You receive a "digital signature error" error message during the MDAC portion of Visual Studio .NET Setup
317878 FIX: DataGrid Web Server Control Does Not Display "<" and ">" Characters Correctly
322289 MS02-026: Unchecked buffer in ASP.NET worker process (English)
322298 MS02-026: Unchecked buffer in ASP.NET worker process (Japanese)
322299 MS02-026: Unchecked Buffer in ASP.NET Worker Process (Simplified Chinese)
322300 MS02-026: Unchecked Buffer in ASP.NET Worker Process (Traditional Chinese)
325947 Event ID 1003 with ASP.NET Deadlock
812832 ASP.NET configuration file processing ignores the codebase hints that appear in the Machine.config file
813078 FIX: Postbacks May Fail When SmartNav Is On
815809 How to write to and read from Microsoft Message Queuing in Visual C++ .NET or in Visual C++ 2005
816829 FIX: When I/O thread processes a slow request, completions on named pipes between Inetinfo.exe and Aspnet_wp.exe are blocked in the .NET Framework 1.0
817005 FIX: Severe Performance Issues When You Bind Session State to Threads in ASPCompat Mode
817779 FIX: Form Inside of a User Control Generates a Script Error
818537 FIX: Requests Are Incorrectly Treated as Non-Postback Requests
820746 FIX: Some Antivirus Programs May Cause Web Applications to Restart Unexpectedly
820769 FIX: Code in the InitializeComponent Function Is Deleted When You Change the EnableViewState Property Value of a Page
820782 Using one SQL database for all applications for SQL Server session state may cause a bottleneck
825738 "System.Data.OleDb.OleDbException" error when you run an ASP.NET Web application
827163 FIX: References to STA objects that are stored in session state may become corrupted if they are called from a Session_End event
831382 FIX: ASP.NET returns a "NullReferenceException" error message when you use SQL Server Session state and you turn on the OutPutCaching feature
832183 The "Viewstate is invalid for this page" error message does not provide sufficient information to troubleshoot the issue
833382 How to use static discovery and dynamic discovery in XML Web services with the .NET Framework
833552 FIX: The Copy Project feature in Visual Studio .NET 2002 fails when you copy to a share when the trailing virtual root path does not match the virtual root alias
835388 BUG: The Request.ServerVariables("AUTH_PASSWORD") object does not display certain characters from an ASPX page
837362 FIX: "Out-of-process and SQL session state are not supported in this version of the OS" error message when you use the out-of-process session state mode with the .NET Framework 1.0 on Windows Server 2003, Web Edition
886541 Unexpected behavior may occur when you use the System.DirectoryServices namespace with the .NET Framework 1.1 SP1 and the .NET Framework 1.0 SP3
947062 The effects of delegation on connection pooling in Data Access Components and in the .NET Framework
2659883 Microsoft Security Advisory: Vulnerability in ASP.NET could allow denial of service