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Articles for product: Microsoft Excel 2002 Standard Edition

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30567 XL: IRR Returns #DIV/0! Instead of #NUM! If No IRR Exists
30970 XL: Calculating the Future Value of a Single Cash Flow in Excel
58245 XL: Defined Names Not Sorted in Excel
59616 XL: Use of the IRR Function in Excel
60116 XL: Returning the Smallest Number Greater Than Zero
61269 XL: How to Copy Column Widths
61892 XL: PRODUCT Function Evaluates a Blank Cell as 1, Not Zero
65903 Number of significant digits MS Excel retains
66033 Hexadecimal Values Changed When Imported from .CSV File
71952 XL: How to Calculate Interest Paid for Multiple Periods
74493 XL: Macro to Place Filenames in Given Directory on Worksheet
75714 XL: Solver Limits for Constraints and Adjustable Cells
77241 Creating charts with multiple groups of stacked bars
77295 Column delimiters are missing in an Excel spreadsheet that is saved as text
79625 XL: Using Noncontiguous Ranges in Array Functions
87299 XL: How to Suppress Error Values on a Worksheet
95479 XL: Method to Calculate Interpolation Step Value
95811 XL: Error Message: "Input Cell Reference Is Not Valid"
100782 XL: Method Used by Goal Seek to Find a Solution
100825 #VALUE error when you add text and values in Excel
105111 XL: Sorting Feature Ignores Hidden Rows
110006 How to reset the Update Remote References option in Excel
110854 XL: How to Compute the Periodic Annual Interest Rate in Microsoft Excel
111360 AutoFill feature overwrites data within AutoFilter range
117128 XL: Hidden Cells in a Worksheet May Become Unhidden
119083 XL: MOD() Function Returns #NUM! Error Value
119826 Macro to Remove Hidden Names in Active Workbook
120596 Text files that are larger than 65,536 rows cannot be imported to Excel 97, Excel 2000, Excel 2002 and Excel 2003
121824 Toolbar Button Capable of Alternate Action
123183 How to export data to a text file with comma and quote delimiter in Excel
123198 XL: How to Compute the Average Growth Rate of an Investment
131384 XL: EVALUATE() Function with INDIRECT() Returns #REF! Error
134913 XL: GetCustomListNum Returns Unexpected List Number
141692 Visual Basic Example to Retrieve Value from Last Cell
141762 XL: How to Use Looping Structures in Visual Basic for Applications
142387 How To Create Excel Chart w/OLE Automation from Visual Basic
142588 How to compare two cells and ignore leading and trailing spaces by using the TRIM worksheet function
149235 How to help prevent file corruption in Excel
151364 Glossary of charting terminology in Excel
154876 You receive an error message when you use right bracket in text file name in Excel 2003 and earlier versions
158071 Problems vith Statistical Functions and Large Numbers in Excel
162028 Formatting is not retained in PivotTable in Excel
162814 Sample macros to return ID for a CommandBar control
164317 How to sum a range of cells based on a number format in Excel
164383 No Tables Appear in Add Tables Dialog Box
168437 XL: Unable to Select Defined Names by Using Function Wizard
169033 Only first worksheet prints duplexed
171280 PRB: Error Message "Cannot insert object" in Excel
176838 You receive an error message when you use the Paste Special command in Excel
177512 How to select a compatible printer driver for your printer How to select a compatible printer driver for your printer when you use Office 97, Office 2000, or Office XP