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Articles for product: Windows 10

Article ID Article Title Hidden
4456696 Guide for people who have learning disabilities
4456701 Message is incorrectly blank when you query Win32_NTLogEvent WMI objects in Windows 10
4456767 Guide for people who have language or communication disabilities
4456772 Guide for people who are deaf or hard of hearing
4456991 Guide for people who have low mobility or dexterity
4460006 MIDI device application hangs when you use former MIDI API in Windows 10
4462489 Help in Paint
4462896 Updates to servicing and support for Windows 10 (published Sept 6, 2018)
4462934 Help in WordPad
4462938 About User Account Control settings
4462979 About Color Management
4465660 Servicing stack update for Windows 10 version 1703: November 13, 2018
4467266 Local computer behaves as if the Windows logo key is pressed after you switch from a Remote Desktop session
4468216 View update history may state an update fails initially with error 0x8024200d
4468234 Windows 10 desktop apps and privacy
4468244 Connecting to open Wi-Fi hotspots in Windows 10
4468246 Pictures, videos, and documents library access and privacy
4468250 Speech, voice activation, inking, typing, and privacy
4468251 View your data on the privacy dashboard
4468252 Voice data on the privacy dashboard
4468254 Windows Update Delivery Optimization and privacy
4468602 High CPU usage by dwm.exe when you use the Magnifier through RDP to a Windows 10 computer
4469351 Move Internet Explorer favorites to a new PC
4480781 Event ID 307 and Event ID 304 are logged after you deploy Windows on a device
4483874 High CPU usage by WMIPRVSE.EXE process at regular intervals in Windows
4487232 Keep your device running smoothly with recommended troubleshooting
4487989 DST changes in Windows for Chile
4490393 Windows 10, version 1607 end of servicing on April 9, 2019
4491420 Define thresholds on the number of HTTP/2 Settings parameters exchanged over a connection
4494445 TCP Receive Window Auto-Tuning Level feature in Windows
4494446 An Internet Explorer or Edge window opens when your computer connects to a corporate network or a public network
4494447 Use Group Policy to apply WinHTTP proxy settings to Windows clients
4494799 Earlier Windows versions don't start after "Setup Windows and Configuration Manager" step if Pre-Provision BitLocker is used with Windows 10, version 1511
4495262 Thunderbolt ports or docking stations may stop working when attached while the computer starts or resumes from sleep or hibernation
4495409 "Invalid parameter (0x80080057)" error when you use SignTool to sign PE files
4496396 How reserved storage works in Windows 10
4496592 You cannot select any options on OOBE EULA pages in Windows 10
4496810 Get firmware, drivers, and software for Microsoft LifeChat headsets
4496888 Get firmware, drivers, and software for Microsoft LifeCam cameras
4497706 How to install and use Vietnamese Telex keyboard and Number Key-based
4502379 Device encryption in Windows 10
4503798 How to install Windows 10 on Mac
4505894 Why can't I uninstall the Your Phone app?
4506924 Find your mouse pointer fast
4511874 Eye control troubleshooting guide
4512573 Servicing stack update for Windows 10 version 1507: September 10, 2019
4516455 Registry keys for smart card PIN caching options are no longer available in Windows 10
4516576 Smart card containing valid Windows logon certificates for more than one user identity is not supported
4517295 "OK" button does not work in "LAN settings" after GPO is applied to change WinHttpAutoProxySvc startup type
4520146 Fix problems in Windows Search