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Articles for product: Microsoft ActiveX Data Objects 2.6

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164479 PRB: Windows 95 Hangs When You Use ADO with Active Server Pages
165156 How To Determine Parameter Requirements for a Stored Procedure in ASP
165671 HOWTO: Use ASP/ADO to Query an ODBC Datasource (SELECT)
166112 PRB: Conflict with EOF When Using #import with ADO
174640 PRB: ASP Error "The Query Is Not Updateable" When You Update Table Record
179326 FILE: Idxadovb.exe: Using Index Server OLE DB Provider and ADO in Visual Basic
194005 HOWTO: Use ADO to Return a Summary Row
194799 How To Retrieve RAW/LONG RAW Data from Oracle for ASP Page
203573 PRB: ASP/ADO Coding Error Produces ASP 0115 Error
216389 INFO: Maintaining Binary Compatibility in Components with ADOR
224424 How To Implement Visual Basic COM Objects Returning Recordsets
232144 INFO: Jet OLE DB Provider Version 4.0 Supports SELECT @@Identity
234482 PRB: ADODB Out-of-Process Error with Microsoft OLAP Using Properties in SQL Statement
248144 PRB: Error: "Not capable" When Opening a Record Object Off a Recordset
249012 PRB: Shaped Recordset Returns Incorrect Number of Records
258295 How To Bind to XML Data with Internet Explorer
259555 PRB: Error Occurs When You Open an ADO Recordset on an XML Stream
263498 Add method of QueryTables with Excel automation generates run-time error message "5"
271645 PRB: CompareBookmarks Method and Bookmarks in ADO
271689 How To Run Singleton SELECT Queries in a Visual Basic Client
271772 How To Access Hierarchical XML Data with the XML OLE DB Simple Provider
271775 SAMPLE: How To Retrieve Relational Data Using OpenXML with ADO in Visual C++
271780 SAMPLE: How To Retrieve XML Data Using an SQL XML Query with ADO in Visual C++
271782 SAMPLE: How To Retrieve XML Data Using an XPath Query with ADO in Visual C++
272176 SAMPLE: How to Run Singleton SELECT Queries in Visual C++
272180 SAMPLE: How to Retrieve XML Data Using a Template File with ADO in Visual C++
272270 How To Retrieve XML Data in ASP with the XML OLE-DB Simple Provider
275927 PRB: Run-Time Error Message 3705 Occurs When Trying to Set the ActiveConnection Property of an ADO Recordset to Nothing
277033 FIX: SQL_BIGINT in 2.x ODBC Driver is mapped to SQL_C_SBIGINT 3.0 datatype
286755 How to Create an Index on a Custom Property
287083 BUG: First Row Is Not Saved if ADO Recordset Is Bound to Any Control and Persisted to XML
293658 How To Force Query-Based Updates with ADO and MSDASQL
294157 PRB: Cannot Retrieve Primary Key Using ADOX Key Object Collection
294424 PRB: Error Opening an ADO Recordset from a File
294850 PRB: ADO Delete Method May Delete More Rows Than Expected
301518 BUG: WriteText Method Fails If You Set the charset Property of the ADO Stream Object to ASCII
305387 BUG: UpdateBatch Generates SQL Statement That Cannot Reuse SQL Server Query Plans
310078 HOW TO: Call ADO AddNew Method with an Array of Fields and Values by Using Visual C++
310195 How to use the CDOEX Library to create a contact in Visual C#
310199 How to create a contact with ADO and the ExOLEDB provider by using Visual C#
310200 How to use the CDOEX Library to create a contact by using an Item object in Visual C#
310557 How to use the CDOEX library to create a repeating meeting in Visual C#
310558 How to create a new recurring meeting that has exceptions by using CDOEX in Visual C#
314362 How to create a contact by using ADO and ExOLEDB in Visual Basic .NET
314363 How to create a contact by using an Item object in Visual Basic .NET
314374 How to use the CDOEX library and the ExOLEDB provider to create an Outlook contact in Visual Basic .NET
314378 How to enumerate all fields of an object by using the CDOEX library and the ExOLEDB provider in Visual Basic .NET
321415 FIX: An Access Violation Occurs in ADO Under Heavy Stress with .NET COM Interop or Java
322149 FIX: ADO Client Cursor Engine Leaks Memory If Provider Does Not Support Some DBPROP or Rowset Properties
327557 PRB: ADO Does Not Support Decimal Numbers with Precision That Is Greater Than 28