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Articles for product: Analyzer

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2652330 Inventory Issues batches are partially released when they are created from Order Management Sales Journal
2679025 The work order ID does not auto-increment correctly in Work Order Entry (12.250.00) in Microsoft Dynamics SL
2679938 System message 10065 "Application 4010000 has exceeded the limit of 50 cursors" in Order Management Sales Orders (40.100.00) in Microsoft Dynamics SL 2011
2679997 Error message when you click the "Grid to Excel Download" button in Project Analyzer (IQ.PAS.00) in Microsoft Dynamics SL 2011: "An error occurred attempting to call Excel"
2702258 Error message in Order Management Process Manager (40.400.00): "System Message 10073 'Unable to find specified error value in exception list'"
2703180 You receive system message 11500 in Sales Orders (40.100.00) or in Order Management Shippers (40.110.00) when the Inventory module is not installed and you enter an invoice date on the Other Information tab
2711380 Error message after the SOPlan.planref value reaches 99999 for a plan type: "System message 6909 Another process has added the soplan record"
2712805 A shipper does not advance to the next step after you select "Confirm Shipping" in Release or Confirm Shipper (40.110.01) in Microsoft Dynamics SL
2733768 A shipper is not created if a Sales Order is bound to a Purchase Order and there are both stock and non-stock items on the order
2750891 The Cancel Open Shippers option in the Sales Order screen does not cancel the shipper
2763941 When you create a Shipper from an Order, the Invoice In value is set incorrectly to Order Management instead of Project Flexible Billings
2769599 The Soline.AltIDType is null when the order line contains a valid customer alternate id. This causes OM forms to exclude data
2769971 When you Quick Print an AR Invoice, the process is slower that it should be
2778695 The Company field in the Purchase Order Maintenance screen does not keep the company ID that is selected from the PV list. The login company is the only company that will display in the Company field
2782191 Programming bulletproof error 11500 occurs when you try to send a document multiple times to a one-time receiver by using Quick Send
2786991 The Shippers screen stops responding when the quantity available for a warehouse location is negative and the Bin/Lot/Serial screen is opened to enter user-enterable serial numbers
2801633 System message 916 occurs Create Outbound EDI Shippers if the user does not have administrator permissions
2813877 Corrects an issue where Serial Numbers are not automatically selected on Shippers when the Issue Method is set to FIFO and Process Manager 40.400.00 creates the Shipper
2815575 Work Order Material Requirements does not recalculate when the site id is changed on the Material List, then the quantities to build are changed
2829529 You receive system message 15547 in 40.100.06 when trying to change quantity
2836106 Sales Journal (40.690.00) creates inventory transactions with an incorrect amount
2841915 A Service Dispatch Progress Invoice can be invoiced multiple times
2844578 The details of a Purchase Order that is bound to a Sales Order do not display in the Purchase Orders for Sales Order (40.108.00) screen when the Purchase For is Non-Inventory Goods
2851448 Lot Numbers manually entered during Production Completion are not saved when Build To is set to Mfg Work Order
2861447 Work Order Material Issue batch suspends with a message that a lot transacton record is missing after you install the hot fix for bug 25493
2871264 You receive System Message 10065 "Application 4011000 has exceeded the limit of 50 cursors" in Sales Orders
2881698 The Project Allocated Inventory (InPrjAllocation) table is not being updated correctly after Process Manager has created the Shipper
2926251 Shipper screen lets a user enter a Lot or Serial number that is already being used in the Transfer screen
3011770 The Service Dispatch Invoicing process sets the batch status to Balanced when the batch is still being created