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Articles for product: Microsoft Office XP Students and Teachers

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281953 Features turned off when Visual Basic for Applications is not installed
285342 List of system requirements for Microsoft Office XP
817093 How to troubleshoot Office XP Setup problems on Windows 2003 Server
888510 Description of the proofing tools update for the Office XP post-Service Pack 3 hotfix package: November 18, 2004
890829 Description of the security update for SharePoint Team Services: February 8, 2005
913471 Description of the updates for Office XP: March 14, 2006
921561 The first page of the next copy prints on the back of the last page of the previous copy when you use a copier-based printer to print multiple copies of a document in an Office program
922974 An Office program may appear to stop responding when you insert a hyperlink
929302 How to disable the prompt to download the Microsoft Office Compatibility Pack
933347 Error message when you try to open or to save a 2007 Office document by using an earlier version of an Office program: "This file was created by a newer version of Microsoft <program>"
2489293 MS11-023: Vulnerabilities in Microsoft Office could allow remote code execution: April 12, 2011