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Articles for product: Microsoft ODBC Driver for Microsoft SQL Server 3.7

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222831 HOWTO: Retrieving Numeric Data with SQL_NUMERIC_STRUCT
239725 BUG: SQL Server Error "Specified Column Precision 38 Is Greater Than the Maximum Precision of 28. (2750)" When Running Parameterized Query
241147 PRB: SQL Server ODBC Driver Returns Output Parameter as a Result Set in a Plain SQL Statement
242993 BUG: Retrieved Data May Display as Nonalphanumeric Using ODBC Driver for SQL Server
243349 0x8000FFFF "Catastrophic failure" Message with SQL Server ODBC Driver
244667 PRB: Error "Prepared statement is not a cursor-specification" in SQL Server ODBC Driver
245355 FIX: SQL Server 2000 BIGINT Data Type Is Mapped by MSDASQL to DBTYPE_STR Instead of DBTYPE_I8 in Schema
247758 INFO: No Padding of Parameters Done by SQL Driver Prior to Version 3.7x
249819 How to pass a timestamp value to or from SQL Server with ODBC API
253010 FIX: Busy connections leave cursors open after call to SQLFreeStmt or SQLCloseCursor
259691 FIX: Error Message "Invalid Time Format" When You Insert Date/Time With Maximum Values
267550 BUG: "Assertion Failed" When You Connect to a SQL Server Through TCP/IP
273813 FIX: "Incorrect Syntax near the Keyword 'by' " Error Message with Column Names of "C", "CA" or "CAS"
280084 PRB: Parameters.Refresh Fails Using Parameter Token in Nested SQL
280294 FIX: SQL Server ODBC Driver reuses incorrect parameter length
288054 SAMPLE: RLockMFC.exe Demonstrates Row-Level Locking Using MFC and SQL Server
289573 PRB: Configuring DSNs with SQL Server Net-Libraries
293659 BUG: SQL Server ODBC Driver Incorrectly Maps Unicode Datatypes with SQL_C_DEFAULT
293901 BUG: Incorrect Number of Rows Inserted Using MS ODBC Driver and Stored Procedure on SQL Server
294875 FIX: SQLTables() Function Returns No Data for SQL Server Database Names That Contain Underscore
300420 FIX: Connection to SQL Server Database Using IP Address Is Unusually Slow
305676 PRB: Memory Leak When MDAC Is Running on Windows NT 4.0
308211 FIX: SQLDescribeCol Returns Wrong Column Size in a Union Query with Parameters
308264 BUG: SQLDescribeCol Returns Wrong Column Size in a Complex Union Query with Parameters
308401 FIX: SQLExecute on a Prepared Statement with SQL_NOSCAN_ON Causes Client-Side AV
315761 FIX: SQLTables() with a Server-Side Cursor Returns No Data
315823 How To Execute Distributed Transaction Using ODBC API with SQL Server
325765 "String Data, Length Mismatch" Error Message with ODBC Driver for SQL Server If Application Inserts More Than 400 KB of Text Data
811007 Fix: Corrupted Data When You Enable Asynchronous Fetching in SQL Server ODBC Driver
831801 FIX: SQLStatistics function returns incorrect sort order sequence
836830 FIX: Query performance declines when you use the SET FMTONLY Hint in the Microsoft ODBC Driver for SQL Server and the Microsoft OLE DB Provider for SQL Server