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Articles for product: Comfort Curve Keyboard 2000

Article ID Article Title Hidden
223256 Troubleshoot failure to find new mouse connected to your USB port
232439 How to connect the keyboard to your computer
258824 How to change your keyboard layout
258826 Troubleshoot wired keyboards that don't respond or that type wrong characters
266283 Troubleshoot problems waking computer from sleep mode
838398 Troubleshoot response failures in wireless keyboard or mouse
894037 Troubleshoot status of NUM LOCK, SCROLL LOCK, F LOCK and CAPS LOCK keys
894040 Adjust long delay in keystrokes appearing due to Windows FilterKeys
894513 Resolve unexpected Function (F1 - F12) or other special key behavior on a Microsoft keyboard
932875 Resolve Hotkeys or Volume control keys not working on Microsoft keyboards
953691 Troubleshoot installing Intellipoint, IntelliType, or LifeCam software
970299 Keyboard mappings using a PC keyboard on a Macintosh