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Articles for product: Internet Explorer 4.5 128-Bit Edition

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153593 How to Customize the Toolbars in Internet Explorer
153731 Internet Explorer Cannot View Directory Listing of FTP Site
154168 Cannot View Source in Internet Explorer
154357 Page Viewed in Internet Explorer Does Not Blink
154544 Description of ActiveX Technologies
154621 Secure Lock Indicator May Not Appear on the Status Bar
155353 How to Adjust Cache Size for Temporary Internet Files
159686 Manual Setup for Internet Explorer 3.x and 4.x for Windows 95/98
161395 Form-Based File Upload Support in Internet Explorer
162815 File Download Does Not Resume If Disconnected
166930 Computer Seems to Hang After Installing Internet Explorer
168485 Update Available for Cross-Frame Security Issue
169245 Update Available for "Untrusted Scripted Paste" Issue
180492 Customized Changes to Web Page Not Saved
224993 How to Prevent Web Sites From Obtaining Access to the Contents of Your Windows Clipboard