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Articles for product: Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2007 (Home and Student version)

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951944 MS08-055: Description of the security update for the 2007 Office system and for the Compatibility Pack for the 2007 Office system: September 9, 2008
953366 The computer still prompts you to restart when you configure the Config.xml file to prevent the computer from restarting after you install the 2007 Office system
2027004 The File Open dialog box may not work in the 2007 Office system or in Office 2010 on a Windows 7-based computer
2273257 Office Application Custom Code Solutions
2276904 Office Deployment
2283230 Migration and Upgrade Strategy for Office, Deployment Considerations for Office, and Customizing the Installation of Office.
2466156 MS11-021: Description of the security update for the 2007 Office system and the Office Compatibility Pack: April 12, 2011
2501584 Microsoft Security Advisory: Microsoft Office File Validation for Office 2003, 2007 Office, and Office 2010: April 12, 2011
2905185 No Grayscale effect when printing Microsoft PowerPoint 2007 Color Presentation
3077012 July 14, 2015, update for Office
3080790 MS15-081: Vulnerabilities in Microsoft Office could allow remote code execution: August 11, 2015
3082458 MS15-088: Unsafe command-line parameter passing could allow information disclosure: August 11, 2015
3083805 August 11, 2015, update for Office
3131245 January 12, 2016, update for Office
3185852 MS16-107: Security update for Microsoft Office: September 13, 2016
3188548 September 13, 2016, update for Microsoft Office
3213642 Description of the security update for PowerPoint 2007: September 12, 2017
4023935 June 13, 2017, update for Microsoft Office
4040279 September 2017, updates for Microsoft Office