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Articles for product: SQL Server 2012 Enterprise Core

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86903 Description of caching disk controllers in SQL Server
224071 Troubleshooting SQL Server backup and restore operations
231347 Description of support for SQL Server databases on compressed volumes
231619 How to use the SQLIOSim utility to simulate SQL Server activity on a disk subsystem
263889 How to troubleshoot blocking caused by compile locks
294209 How to rebuild or move a MSDTC installation to be used with a SQL failover cluster
307864 Error message when you connect to an instance of SQL Server: "Cannot open user default database"
310834 Description of common causes of SQL Server error message 844 or error message 845
312292 How to enable replication agents for logging to output files in SQL Server
321185 How to determine the version, edition, and update level of SQL Server and its components
327518 The Microsoft Support Policy for Clustered Configurations of SQL Server with Windows Server
811889 How to troubleshoot the "Cannot generate SSPI context" error message
822499 Naming schema and Fix area descriptions for SQL Server software update packages
833770 Support for SQL Server on iSCSI technology components
835185 Microsoft Windows Failover cluster resource dependencies in SQL Server
897284 Diagnostics in SQL Server help detect stalled and stuck I/O operations
919155 Error message when you run the DBCC CHECKDB statement on a database that contains one or more very large tables in SQL Server: "Timeout occurred while waiting for latch"
920925 Detours or similar techniques may cause unexpected behaviors with SQL Server
926150 Using database mirroring for cross-database transactions or distributed transactions is not supported in SQL Server
926824 How to install service packs and hotfixes on an instance of SQL Server that is configured to use database mirroring
935897 An Incremental Servicing Model is available from the SQL Server team to deliver hotfixes for reported problems
941232 How to apply a hotfix for SQL Server in a replication topology
942861 "General Network error", "Communication link failure", or "A transport-level error" message when an application connects to SQL Server
945934 How to register Microsoft Filter Pack IFilters with SQL Server
956032 Error message when you run the Distribution Agent in SQL Server 2008 or in SQL Server 2008 R2: "The distribution agent failed to create temporary files"
956176 Error message when you try to save a table in SQL Server: "Saving changes is not permitted"
956893 Support policy for Microsoft SQL Server products that are running in a hardware virtualization environment
971268 "Evaluation period has expired" error message when working with SQL server
977051 How to apply a hotfix for SQL Server in a transactional replication and database mirroring topology
2032911 You may encounter problems when installing SQL Server on a domain controller
2033238 Performance and consistency issues when certain modules are loaded into SQL Server address space
2137408 SQL Server logs "Msg 833" when I/O delay problems occur
2154845 Recommendations to reduce allocation contention in SQL Server tempdb database
2295405 SQL Server service crashes when you run an Oracle linked server query
2407439 You may notice an increased transaction log sizes in SQL Server 2008 and later versions when you perform Index Maintenance
2443455 You may experience connectivity issues if SQL Server service account delegation settings are misconfigured
2443457 You may experience connectivity issues to SQL Server if SPNs are misconfigured
2547273 You cannot add or remove features to a SQL Server 2008, SQL Server 2008 R2, or SQL Server 2012 failover cluster
2681562 Using SQL Server in Windows 8 and later versions of Windows operating system
2692828 The SQL Server 2012 builds that were released after SQL Server 2012 was released
2709869 Error message when you try to deploy an assembly in SQL Server 2012: "Clr Assembly must have main file specified"
2712929 Setup stops responding when you try to upgrade to SQL Server 2012
2729953 You may encounter a 'result == LCK_OK' assertion on a SQL Server mirror server
2750005 Merge replication does not support centralized subscriber topologies
2753868 Enabling pre_creation_command option requires re-initialization
2754171 Controlling Autostat (AUTO_UPDATE_STATISTICS) behavior in SQL Server
2771537 "One or more problems caused failure of installation" error message when you try to install a second language version of SQL Server Data Tools
2773194 [SDP 3] [155888db-ad84-4e39-a4e1-f6e6c3b185b4] Information that is collected by SQL RS Diagnostics Collector
2781227 "Unable to retrieve application files. Files corrupt in deployment" error when you try to start the ClickOnce version of Report Builder from SQL Server 2012 Reporting Services
2782511 "The common properties for resource 'SQL Network Name (<SQL Name>)' could not be saved" error when you try to upgrade the cluster node to SQL Server 2012