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Articles for product: Internet Information Services 8.5

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817442 A 0-byte file may be returned when compression is enabled on a server that is running IIS
943891 The HTTP status code in IIS 7 and later versions
970759 Configuring IIS World Wide Web Publishing Service in a Windows Server failover cluster
974603 How to configure FTP for IIS in a Windows Server failover cluster
2505047 Changes that were introduced in Microsoft FTP 7.5
2672277 Some services are preloaded unexpectedly on an IIS server in Windows
2901671 Child requests generate duplicate ASP.NET events in IIS
2922833 iOS 7 devices do not play HTTP Live Streaming (HLS) content from IIS Media Services 4.1
2953176 FTP logging cannot display the physical path for any FTP command issued by users of an IIS FTP server
2974327 WCF Service does not start automatically when messages are available through MSMQ
2974666 URL Rewrite 2.0 leaks memory when an outgoing rule is processed against a multivalue server variable
3016062 Hotfix is available for Microsoft Application Request Routing v3.0
3050055 IIS digest authentication does not permit pass-though authentication for requests that are routed through a proxy
3151973 IIS Shared configuration feature requires all servers to run the same version of IIS
3162949 June 2016 hotfix for Microsoft Application Request Routing 3.0
3194551 Error when you configure 32-bit managed handlers in the IIS console
3202096 <CustomMetaData> information associated with IIS site isn't deleted during programmatic site deletion
3206898 Enabling IIS Manager and Web Deploy after disabling SSL3 and TLS 1.0