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iOS 7 devices do not play HTTP Live Streaming (HLS) content from IIS Media Services 4.1

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When you try to connect to an HTTP Live Streaming (HLS) stream that is served by Internet Information Services (IIS) Media Services 4.1 on an Apple iOS 7-based device, the stream either stops or does not play. Also, the client may play the audio stream but not the video stream. This issue occurs in both live and on-demand content. Scrubbing does not resolve the issue.

This issue affects only devices that are running iOS 7. Devices that are running iOS 6 or earlier versions are unaffected by this issue and continue to play HLS streams as expected.

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More Information

This issue is caused by a change in the operating system timers that relate to HLS. The timers in iOS 7 are stricter than they were in earlier versions of the iOS operating system.

Microsoft Azure Media Services does not experience this timer issue because of added functionality.

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