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Articles for product: Windows Vista Starter

Article ID Article Title Exist Online
131900 Information about the Windows Vista Compatibility Center and the Windows Logo’d Product List
140365 Default cluster size for NTFS, FAT, and exFAT
154529 How do I enable the NUM LOCK key for the logon screen?
157730 How to determine the version of DirectX by using the DirectX Diagnostic Tool
175468 Effects of machine account replication on a domain
179113 How to install the latest version of DirectX
187614 Removing Terminal Server licenses from an RDP client
241584 "Error 1058" error message is displayed when a service suddenly stops
244617 Using Driver Verifier to identify issues with Windows drivers for advanced users
244780 Information about Event ID 51
256986 Windows registry information for advanced users
297019 Limits to using personal folders (.pst) files over LAN and WAN links
299357 How to reset TCP/IP by using the NetShell utility
302361 Printers that use ports that do not begin with COM, LPT, or USB are not redirected in a remote desktop or a terminal services session
302806 Description of Microsoft Product Activation for legacy products
306560 How to use the United States-International keyboard layout in Windows 7, in Windows Vista, and in Windows XP
310516 How to add, modify, or delete registry subkeys and values by using a .reg file
314828 The Microsoft policy for disk duplication of Windows installations
321379 How to add the Print Directory feature for folders in Windows XP, in Windows Vista, in Windows 7
321735 The startup sound is not played correctly when you start Windows XP, Windows Vista or Windows 7
327998 You can change the desktop wallpaper setting after administrator selects "Prevent Changing Wallpaper" option in Group Policy
329885 Cannot unlock workstation with ForceUnlockLogon and expired password
330140 My Drive does not appear in Windows Explorer view
810869 How do I make the Recycle Bin appear on my desktop in Windows Vista or in Windows XP?
811259 How to determine and to recover from Winsock2 corruption in Windows Server 2003, in Windows XP, and in Windows Vista
811833 "System cryptography: Use FIPS compliant algorithms for encryption, hashing, and signing" security setting effects in Windows XP and in later versions of Windows
813444 You cannot log in to or connect to secured Web sites in Internet Explorer
813711 Changes to the size, view, icon or position of a folder are lost
816043 How to turn on debug logging in the Windows Time Service
823206 Unexpected relationship is identified between Device Manager and the Local Area Connections
823301 Hyperlinks do not work in Outlook Express or in Word
827315 Unexplained Windows or software behavior may be caused by deceptive software
888575 You cannot put a computer that has more than 4 GB of memory into hibernation in Windows XP, in Windows Server 2003, in Windows Vista, or in Windows Server 2008
888729 How to add processors to a computer that is running Windows Server 2003, Windows Server 2008, Windows Server 2008 R2, Windows Vista, Windows 7 or Windows XP Professional x64 Edition
900900 Folder copy error message when downloading a file that is larger than 50000000 bytes from a Web folder
909614 How the Windows Time service treats a leap second
912176 There is no longer any audio playback after you unplug a USB audio device from a Windows Vista-based computer
917607 Error opening Help in Windows-based programs: "Feature not included" or "Help not supported"
920730 How to disable and re-enable hibernation on a computer that is running Windows
922574 The Microsoft Extensible Authentication Protocol-Message Digest 5 (EAP-MD5) implementation is being deprecated from versions of Windows
922706 How to use Certificate Services Web enrollment pages together with Windows Vista or Windows Server 2008
922708 How to use User Account Control (UAC) in Windows Vista
922976 Error message occurs after you change the SATA mode of the boot drive
923947 You cannot modify the Hosts file or the Lmhosts file in Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8
925330 An overview of unsafe file types in Microsoft products
925681 When you try to download a file from the Internet by using Internet Explorer, the download stops responding
925902 MS07-017: Vulnerability in GDI could allow remote code execution
926098 How to enable COM+ and COM diagnostic tracing
926657 Some 16-bit DOS-based Programs and the Command Prompt will not run in full-screen mode in Windows Vista and in Windows 7
927824 Windows may not use the correct keyboard layout when you connect a USB keyboard to the computer