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Articles for product: Internet Explorer (Programming) 5.5 SP2

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159923 How to use licensed ActiveX controls in Internet Explorer
194242 FIX: Causes Delay in NewWindow Event
265489 Approximately 200 or more SELECT boxes in HTML causes slow and unstable performance in Windows 95, Windows 98, and Windows Millennium Edition
288879 INFO: List of WinInet API HTTP Samples
305389 How to Disable Internet Explorer Error Reporting
306673 "Permission Denied" Error Message When You Access an HTML Element After Saving a File to a Disk
308603 The DomDocument Load Method Ignores Content Expiration
308649 PRB: Cannot Use ExecWB() to Print HTML Documents with Print Templates in Visual Basic
310384 FIX: MFC ActiveX Control May Flicker Excessively When it Is Overlapped By an IFRAME
311282 How to use the WebBrowser control NewWindow2 event in Visual Basic .NET
315729 BUG: Closing HTA That Contains Visual Basic ActiveX Control Combo Box Crashes in Windows 98 SE
315762 BUG: IWebBrowser::Navigate May Incorrectly Send POST Request Instead of GET Request
317889 BUG: Page with Absolute Positioned IFRAME That Contains Frameset Displays Unnecessary Vertical Scroll Bar
318426 FIX: Security Patch (Q316059) Crashes Internet Explorer When You Call execScript
319738 BUG: Internet Explorer May Stop Responding When You Load Nested Element Behaviors
319741 BUG: OnChange Event of <SELECT> Fires Incorrectly in a FRAME When Refreshed Programmatically
319782 How To Upload Files to Internet Information Services When You Drag the File to the Internet Explorer Page
319992 BUG: Paint Problem Exists with Dynamically Generated Select Box in MFC CHTML View-Based Application
320868 SAMPLE: TreeViewWrapper.exe Provides Another Option to ImageList and Inline Data in Internet Explorer
320940 SAMPLE: PictureDownload.exe Enables Population of an ImageList with URLs
322122 BUG: POST Navigate Call Fails If the WebBrowser Control Displays an XML Document
323207 Internet Explorer makes unnecessary POST request to Ocget.dll for .cab files
323569 BUG: PersistStreamInit::Load() Displays HTML Files as Text
325212 BUG: HTTP Compression wth Frameset Causes "Page Cannot Be Displayed" Error
328787 Taskbar Items Remain on the Desktop When You Remove DHTML Controls and Scroll Down the Page
328807 BUG: onbeforeunload May Not Fire When You Move from an XML Page
329156 BUG: AutoComplete Does Not Work When You Use Script to Submit a Form
330280 How to use Forward and Back buttons for the WebBrowser control in Visual C# .NET
810188 BUG: Custom Toolbar Button May Not Toggle Custom Explorer Bar
811037 FIX: innerText Property Gives Incorrect Result with contentEditable Property
812417 PRB: outerHTML Property of HTML Element Does Not Display the Default Attribute
814506 Internet Explorer: CellIndex is Calculated in Display Order
815714 How to use the WebBrowser control NewWindow2 event in Visual C#
843164 BUG: Static HTML becomes editable in Internet Explorer