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Articles for product: Microsoft Excel 2001 for Mac

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58245 XL: Defined Names Not Sorted in Excel
60116 XL: Returning the Smallest Number Greater Than Zero
61269 XL: How to Copy Column Widths
61892 XL: PRODUCT Function Evaluates a Blank Cell as 1, Not Zero
65903 Number of significant digits MS Excel retains
66033 Hexadecimal Values Changed When Imported from .CSV File
75714 XL: Solver Limits for Constraints and Adjustable Cells
95479 XL: Method to Calculate Interpolation Step Value
95811 XL: Error Message: "Input Cell Reference Is Not Valid"
100782 XL: Method Used by Goal Seek to Find a Solution
121824 Toolbar Button Capable of Alternate Action
123183 How to export data to a text file with comma and quote delimiter in Excel
158071 Problems vith Statistical Functions and Large Numbers in Excel
162028 Formatting is not retained in PivotTable in Excel
164317 How to sum a range of cells based on a number format in Excel
170230 Unexpected results when using AutoFilter with numeric data
173614 Resolving conflicts unhides previously hidden worksheet in Excel for Mac
176838 You receive an error message when you use the Paste Special command in Excel
180871 How to recover text from any Word for Mac or Excel for Mac file
182812 Description of the Value2 property for the Range object
211717 Comment formatting may be lost when you share a workbook
212126 XL: Cell Appears Blank with Angled Text and Small Row Height
213189 Stop Recording Toolbar is not displayed when you record a macro
213413 Visual Basic macro to show active cell's range names in Excel
213438 How to programmatically select every nth row in a range in Excel
213507 XL: How to Count Cells That Contain Formulas, Text, or Numbers
213740 How to record a macro using relative cell references in Excel
213798 Sample Visual Basic macros for working with arrays in Excel
213986 XL: Unable to Use Scroll Bar on Number Tab in Format Cells Dialog Box
214011 How to create a column chart with two Y-axes in Excel
214033 Pie Chart Shows Incorrect Percentage Value in Excel
214058 Days of the week before March 1, 1900 are incorrect in Excel
214070 Description of filtering and extracting a record that contains a text string in Excel
214089 XL: Custom Number Formats Are Lost When Worksheet Saved As Lotus 1-2-3 File
214091 XL: Finding the Balance of a Loan for a Given Period
214093 XL: How to Display the Current Date and Time with Text
214100 XL: How to Extract an Exact Match of Text from a Database
214113 XL: Function to Compute Interest and Growth Rate on a Single Payment
214133 XL: Formula for Distance/Velocity Returned in Hours, Minutes, and Seconds
214139 XL2000: How to Break Links Between a Chart and a Worksheet
214264 XL: How to Perform a Case-Sensitive Lookup
214282 Sorting alphanumeric text as numeric values
214297 Window options are not saved in a workspace file in Excel
214304 XL: Minus Sign Appears Before Text in Custom Number Format
215193 XL: Dates Are Not Incremented Properly When You Fill Large Ranges
241072 Dates and times displayed as serial numbers when viewing formulas in Excel
247311 How to use macros to sort data in multiple columns as one column in Excel
259137 How to determine whether a selected cell in an Excel worksheet is in a specified defined range by using a Visual Basic macro
277585 The LINEST function returns incorrect results in Excel
282855 How to create and use one-input data tables in Microsoft Excel