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Articles for product: Microsoft Office InfoPath 2003, Service Pack 1 (SP1)

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826990 How to view transformed InfoPath form data in Internet Explorer
826996 How to bind a Rich Text Box control to an element that is returned from a Web service in InfoPath and Visual Studio .NET 2003
826999 How to handle mixed content elements in XML documents in InfoPath 2007 and in InfoPath 2003
827005 How to bind an XML data source to InfoPath fields in Office InfoPath
827009 How to resize the controls on a Microsoft Office InfoPath form based on the width of the form
827011 How to add a header and page numbers to a form in Infopath 2003 or in InfoPath 2007
867441 BUG: An error may occur when you try to open signed solutions by using the Open method in Office InfoPath 2003 Service Pack 1
867443 Description of security considerations and privacy considerations for forms that you create in Office InfoPath
870843 The filter may filter data in the first item of the repeating section or in the first item of the repeating table instead of in the current item in InfoPath
883558 BUG: You may receive
883559 BUG: Text in the print Header or in the print Footer on an InfoPath 2003 Service Pack 1 form is not deleted
887039 You cannot open an Office InfoPath 2003 project from Visual SourceSafe 6.0c in Visual Studio .NET
889493 When you fill out a form or you preview a form on a Tablet PC, ink pictures that you fill in on the form may flash or may flicker as you scroll in InfoPath
889494 InfoPath 2007 and InfoPath 2003 cannot correctly generate a form when a WSDL file uses definitions with a type reference
891160 You receive a "Visual Studio must be used to add business logic to this form template" error message when you close the Form Options dialog box in InfoPath
891161 Data connections that use the same data source are no longer valid after you change one of the connections in InfoPath
891162 BUG: The results of the calculations in an InfoPath form are incorrect
891165 An ActiveX control does not appear as you expect it to when you add the control to a form in InfoPath
892954 A form does not receive all the items from a Windows SharePoint Services library or from a Windows SharePoint Services list in InfoPath
900463 You receive an "InfoPath cannot create a new, blank form" error message when you try to open a form in InfoPath 2003
920596 Error message when you try to open a form or try to preview a form in InfoPath 2003 with Service Pack 1: "InfoPath cannot create a new, blank form"
957045 Description of the InfoPath 2003 hotfix package (InfoPath.msp): August 26, 2008