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Articles for product: Microsoft Data Access Components 2.1 Service Pack 1

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255839 PRB: Data Link (UDL) File Disappears From Disk
255986 PRB: Improper Installation of MDAC May Return Error Message "Method '~' of Object '~' Failed" at Run Time with ADO Application
258013 How To Use ADOX to Determine If a Primary Key Exists on a Table
258997 INFO: Oracle OLE DB Provider and ROWID Use
259287 FIX: ODBC error when you use scalar functions to insert timestamp with fractional value
259345 FIX: Jet 4.0 Treats "#" as Numeric Wildcard Character
259691 FIX: Error Message "Invalid Time Format" When You Insert Date/Time With Maximum Values
264081 FIX: Incorrect Pre-1753 Date Values With Jet ODBC Driver
264869 PRB: Persisting XML Directly into DOM Causes Run-Time Error '438'
266322 INFO: Database Components to Distribute with ADO, ODBC, OLEDB or an RDS Application
269522 BUG: Data in Bound Text Box Does Not Return to Original Value After CancelUpdate If Changed in Code
271553 PRB: Marshalling ADO Recordsets During an AddNew Method
275927 PRB: Run-Time Error Message 3705 Occurs When Trying to Set the ActiveConnection Property of an ADO Recordset to Nothing
277711 FIX: Updates to Linked ODBC Tables Causes Access Violation in Msjet40.dll
278454 PRB: Error 80070005 "Unexpected Error" When You Use Remote Data Service
279882 SAMPLE: ODBCConfTool20.exe Obtains ODBC Driver Conformance Level
288343 BUG: Excel ODBC Driver Disregards the FirstRowHasNames or Header Setting
288403 PRB: Visual Basic String (BSTR) in Variant Field in ADO Recordset Cannot Be Persisted to ADTG
290486 FIX: MTS Visual Basic Bank Sample Fails When You Disable OLE DB Session Pooling
291238 Records newly inserted into Access database are not immediately available when reselecting in Microsoft Access
291999 PRB: DB2 Stored Procedures on OS390 Return Invalid Parameter Information
293658 How To Force Query-Based Updates with ADO and MSDASQL
293659 BUG: SQL Server ODBC Driver Incorrectly Maps Unicode Datatypes with SQL_C_DEFAULT
293802 PRB: ADO Refresh Method May Fail with Oracle Stored Procedure
293821 FIX: ADO 2.0 Passes Invalid SQL Syntax to Data Source That Does Not Support Schema Separators
293828 BUG: Excel File Size Grows When You Edit or Update ADO Recordset on Excel Spreadsheet
293856 FIX: XML File Shows Cached Data When You Use ADO Recordset to Open the File over HTTP
293858 FIX: Problem When You Save Project 98 File to Oracle Database on the German or Japanese Version of Windows 2000
293859 FIX: MBCS Encoded Strings Are Truncated in ADO 2.1
293862 FIX: Excel ODBC Driver Cannot Open Excel 4.0 XLS Files
293873 PRB: ADO Recordset AddNew and Update Methods Ignore ANSI PADDING OFF Setting
293876 FIX: Memory Leak When You Use Now Function in SQL with Jet 4.0 Provider or Driver
294141 PRB: Error Opening Shaped Recordset Based on Recordset with Temporary Table
294875 FIX: SQLTables() Function Returns No Data for SQL Server Database Names That Contain Underscore
298943 BUG: "Connect Timeout" Value Does Not Persist in UDL File
300948 BUG: Incorrect TABLE_TYPE Is Returned for Excel Worksheets
305387 BUG: UpdateBatch Generates SQL Statement That Cannot Reuse SQL Server Query Plans
305838 PRB: MDAC Installation on Windows Terminal Server May Fail
306345 PRB: ASP Error 80004005 "Data Source Name Not Found"
306386 PRB: FileMon Shows That DAO360.dll Fails to Load MSJet49.dll, MSJet48.dll, and Other MSJetxx.dll Files
306435 PRB: Jet 4.0 Row-Level Locking Is Not Available with DAO 3.60
329414 MS02-065: Buffer overrun in Microsoft Data Access Components can lead to code execution