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Articles for product: AVIcode, Inc.

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2500681 You receive a prompt to install .NET Framework 2.0 when you try to remove an AVIcode feature
2509259 How to configure Windows authentication for the SELog virtual directory in AVIcode Intercept Studio
2514627 How to add custom performance counters in AVIcode 5.7
2519798 AVIcode 5.7 SE-Viewer upgrade fails with Windows Installer Error 1722
2519822 You cannot upgrade AVIcode SE-Viewer 5.0 to 5.7
2625330 AVIcode agent installation fails with “1324 Error.” The Path “My Documents” contains an invalid character.
2686673 Arithmetic Overflow Occurred error is generated in the AVIcode Intercept Log
2695741 Windows NT services monitored by AVIcode may fail to start automatically
2777793 AVIcode or APM Advisor Report does not display correctly