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Articles for product: Microsoft Excel 2000 Service Pack 1

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100149 ACC: How to Use the Quit Macro Action or Quit Method
114348 How To Print Two Excel Charts on Single Page w/OLE Automation
129795 PRB: Excel Doesn't Use Container's Name for Embedded Objects
141759 SAMPLE: XLCLIENT: Automation Client for Excel
248204 You are prompted to enable automatic refresh when you open a workbook in Excel
255503 OFF2000: Program Quits Immediately After Starting When SR-1/SR-1a Update Is Applied
257451 XL2000: Formulas Not Adjusted Automatically When You Enter New Data
260239 How To Format Cell Data When You Are Creating an Excel File With an Active Server Pages Page
262113 XL2000: Labels on XY Scatter Graphs Disappear in Print Preview
268365 Update available for HTML script vulnerability
269252 XL2000: Update Available for the Excel 2000 SR-1 REGISTER.ID Function Vulnerability
269267 XL2000: Administrative Update Available for the Excel 2000 SR-1 REGISTER.ID Function Vulnerability
290570 Embedded charts that contain text boxes in Excel 2000 do not behave as expected after they are edited in PowerPoint 2000 and in PowerPoint 2002
295681 HOW TO: Obtain and Install the Excel 2000 SR-1 Eurotool Add-In Update
296665 XL2000: Data Labels Do Not Retain Formatting
297883 XL2000: You Can See Other Users' Printers in a Terminal Server Session
300948 BUG: Incorrect TABLE_TYPE Is Returned for Excel Worksheets
306604 Description of the Excel 2000 SR-1 Macro Modification security update: April 25, 2002
309671 XL2000: SR-1 Stops Responding When You Open a File After an Incomplete Save
318218 XL2000: Error Message: Run-Time Error: -2147417848 (80010108) 'Position' Method Failed: 'PivotField' Object
319802 XL2000: You Receive an Application Error When You Quit Excel with SharePoint Portal Server Client
555263 Macro in Excel Stops After A Workbook.Open Command