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Articles for product: Microsoft Windows Media Player 9 Series

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190990 How to determine the version of Windows Media Player
234019 Windows Media Player Invalid File Format Error Message
243621 How to delete the recent play list from Windows Media Player
245608 File Formats Supported by Windows Media Player Versions 6.0 and Later
278960 How can I enable or disable automatic updates in Windows Media Player?
811982 How to troubleshoot playback in Windows Media Player 9
814129 FIX: Error in Windows Media Player 9 Series When You Play Specific MP3 Files
823275 FIX: Custom File Extensions Are Categorized as Other Media
828026 Update for Windows Media Player URL script command behavior
842180 "Cannot play back the file. The format is not supported. (Error=80040265)" error message when you try to play a media file in Windows Media Player
843509 Resources for troubleshooting issues in Windows Media Player
883831 A client may not be able to connect to multicast streams or to other User Datagram Protocol streams through Windows Firewall by using Windows Media Player
884487 A chapter does not play when you click it in some WMV HD DVD disks in Windows Media Player
885492 Microsoft has released a security update to Microsoft Windows Media Player 9
934113 Streaming content stops, and you may receive an error message when you click "Next" in Windows Media Player
936782 MS07-047: Vulnerability in Windows Media Player could allow remote code execution
941197 After you apply security update 936782, you cannot open.swf files in Windows Media Player
942423 FIX: You cannot play Windows Media content that is encoded by using the VC1 codec in Windows XP, in Windows Server 2003, or in Windows 2000
973540 MS09-037: Description of the security update for Windows Media Player: August 11, 2009
2395168 Basics about videos and video codecs in Windows Media Player
2627345 Windows Media Player error with Double Byte Character filenames
2799456 Windows Media Player prompts using SSL when checkbox to save password is checked