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Articles for product: SQL Server 2012 Express

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2692828 The SQL Server 2012 builds that were released after SQL Server 2012 was released
2696886 [SDP 3][ 788cfaf5-0665-4a69-8ecc-3931f459ecdb] SQL Base Diagnostics Collector
2722715 Support for the leap second
2723587 How to configure SQL Reporting Services in SharePoint Server for Kerberos authentication
2755960 SQL query performance might decrease when the SQL Server Database instance has high index fragmentation
2758393 "Pasting Data Failed" error when you paste HTML-formatted data into PowerPivot
2771537 "One or more problems caused failure of installation" error message when you try to install a second language version of SQL Server Data Tools
2773194 [SDP 3] [155888db-ad84-4e39-a4e1-f6e6c3b185b4] Information that is collected by SQL RS Diagnostics Collector
2781227 "Unable to retrieve application files. Files corrupt in deployment" error when you try to start the ClickOnce version of Report Builder from SQL Server 2012 Reporting Services
2782511 "The common properties for resource 'SQL Network Name (<SQL Name>)' could not be saved" error when you try to upgrade the cluster node to SQL Server 2012
2792139 Time-out error and you cannot connect to a SQL Server 2012 AlwaysOn availability group listener in a multi-subnet environment
2795690 SQL Server agent crashes when you try to start it or takes longer than expected to start
2799534 Various problems may occur when running SQL Server 2012 in Hyper-V or VMWare environment
2801406 Win32 application on a WSFC cluster cannot access a FILESTREAM share by using the VVN of a listener in SQL Server 2012
2801413 Enable plan-affecting SQL Server query optimizer behavior that can be controlled by different trace flags on a specific-query level
2817733 You cannot update a SQL Server 2012 cluster when the Setup program checks the Cluster_IsOnlineIfClustered rule
2833122 "Validating WSFC quorum vote configuration" warning when you create an AlwaysOn availability group in SQL Server 2012
2833707 Troubleshooting automatic failover problems in SQL Server 2012 AlwaysOn environments
2849799 "Library not registered" error message when you open a new query window in SQL Server 2012 Express
2860024 You cannot toggle the results pane in SQL Server Management Studio
2860895 SQL Server is not supported on a Windows operating system on which case sensitivity is enabled
2867841 Permission error occurs when you use a volume mount point in SQL Server Setup
2871695 [SDP 3][ab09ed03-7576-425f-aae0-8f36c0e8c662] Information that is collected by the SQL Server Connectivity Diagnostics Collector
2874903 "System.OutOfMemoryException" exception when you execute a query in SQL Server Management Studio
2914662 How to use PFX-formatted certificates in SQL Server
2919863 You receive time-out error messages when you connect to a SQL Server 2012 instance that is running in Windows Server 2012
2966940 INFO: Extended Events Histogram target may show unexpected results
2967651 INF: SQL Server may display memory corruption and recovery errors
2969894 You cannot obtain updates from Microsoft Update on a server that has SQL Server 2012 MDS installed
2974455 DBCC CHECKDB behavior when the SQL Server database is located on an ReFS volume
2977326 MS14-044: Description of the security update for SQL Server 2012 Service Pack 1 (GDR): August 12, 2014
2984340 MS14-044: Vulnerabilities in SQL Server could allow elevation of privilege: August 12, 2014
2985455 Kerberos Configuration Manager for SQL Server is available
2985517 Selective XML index becomes primary after you apply the snapshot in transactional replication in SQL Server 2012
3049257 Error 3989 or 3988 when a distributed query that joins multiple tables is hosted by remote instances of SQL Server
3053639 SQL Server query that typecasts a Unicode column to a binary collation returns incorrect results
3144065 Snapshot or Logreader agents fail when destination table is empty in SQL Server
3191316 Words that have leading decimal points are not returned by an English word breaker in SQL Server
3195161 Defragmenting SQL Server database disk drives
3196535 Description of the Update Cache folder in SQL Server
4023373 Event ID 17141 is logged when SQL Server does not come online in Windows Failover Clustering
4045273 Full-text indexes stop populating for 30 minutes in SQL Server
4230836 Application event log error code 1642 even though the SQL Server update was applied successfully