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FIX: MFC ODBC Cannot Update Access Date/Time with No Date

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When you update records in an Access database using the ODBC cursor library and you previously added a date/time field in Access without a date using the CRecordset (with TIMESTAMP_STRUCT) classes, MFC throws the following exception:
No Rows Affected

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The ODBC WHERE clause fails to find the record it needs to update it.

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This problem has been fixed in MDAC 2.6. For MDAC versions before 2.6 use the following workarounds:

You must always enter a date in the Access date/time field for CRecordset classes using the ODBC cursor library.

You can also resolve this problem by switching to dynasets.

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More information

If you have to use the ODBC cursor library, you must always enter a date along with a time in the Access date/time field. If you only enter a time, the recordset will fail to post updates and the MFC exception "No Rows Affected" will be thrown. This occurs because the ODBC cursor library attempts to update the database using an UPDATE clause and attempts to select all columns to ensure a unique record. During this selection, the date field fails to be resolved.

If you do not have to use the ODBC cursor library, you can open the recordset as a dynaset, which effectively eliminates this problem.

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Visual C++, Microsoft Foundation Class Reference, Class Library Reference: Crecordset; CDatabase

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