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Articles for product: Microsoft Open Database Connectivity Driver for Access 4.0

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189220 BUG: "Syntax Error in INSERT INTO..." on ADO Recordset.Update
202433 PRB: Access ODBC Driver Does Not Support Multiple Result Sets
236871 PRB: SQLColumns Return Incorrect BUFFER_LENGTH and CHAR_OCTET_LENGTH
236952 PRB: Sort Order Has Changed with Microsoft Jet version 4.0
239471 Jet 4.0 Text IISAM Allows Users to Append Lines to System Files
239482 How to configure Jet 4.0 to prevent unsafe functions from running in Access 2000 and Access 2002
240434 How To Improve Performance of Applications Using Jet 4.0
244125 FIX: Acc2000: "Not a Valid Alias" Jet 3068 Error Message
249638 BUG: E_Fail Error Message Occurs with Access ODBC Driver and LEFT OUTER JOIN Queries
254760 FIX: Application Hangs When Inserting Records Into Access 97 Database
257517 PRB: SQLBulkOperations Returns Function Sequence Error with Jet 4.0 ODBC Driver
271177 FIX: Unable To Repair Password Protected Database Through ODBC Control Panel
271908 MDAC version 2.6 and later do not contain Jet or Desktop ODBC drivers
272951 FIX: Microsoft Access/Jet ODBC Driver returns size of 2 gigabytes for computed text columns
273772 FIX: Memory Leak in Jet ODBC Driver with SQL_NUMERIC or SQL_C_BINARY Data
279401 PRB: Overlocalized Sort Order Strings in Access/Jet ODBC Driver
293890 BUG: Jet ODBC Driver Leaks Handle on Opening and Closing the Connection
298145 FIX: REPAIR_DB Option May Remove Encryption from Access 2000 Database
300216 How to keep a Jet 4.0 database in top working condition in Access 2000
303528 How to keep a Jet 4.0 database in top working condition