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Articles for product: SQL Server 2012 Analysis Services

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86903 Description of caching disk controllers in SQL Server
231347 Description of support for SQL Server databases on compressed volumes
231619 How to use the SQLIOSim utility to simulate SQL Server activity on a disk subsystem
304261 Description of support for network database files in SQL Server
327518 The Microsoft Support Policy for Clustered Configurations of SQL Server with Windows Server
833770 Support for SQL Server on iSCSI technology components
935897 An Incremental Servicing Model is available from the SQL Server team to deliver hotfixes for reported problems
942861 "General Network error", "Communication link failure", or "A transport-level error" message when an application connects to SQL Server
950599 An SPN for the SQL Server Browser service is required when you establish a connection to a named instance of SQL Server Analysis Services
967576 Microsoft SQL Server Database Engine Input/Output requirements
2032911 You may encounter problems when installing SQL Server on a domain controller
2033238 Performance and consistency issues when certain modules are loaded into SQL Server address space
2747616 Writeback performance issue when cell security is enabled in SQL Server Analysis Services
2779348 A data refresh on a table that uses an OData data source fails after you import an existing PowerPivot model
2811566 Error 1032 messages in the Application log in Windows Server 2012
2818448 You cannot use the same name for a named query and a DSV file in SSAS 2012
2914689 Metadata from linked objects is not automatically updated when the source objects change in SSAS
2928254 The SSAS multidimensional project DSV diagram is rearranged in Visual Studio
2985455 Kerberos Configuration Manager for SQL Server is available
3009669 "The handle is invalid" error in Excel 2013 when you import data by using a BISM file
4100766 "#N/A" returns when you run a multi-subselect query in SQL Server Analysis Services