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Articles for product: Microsoft Data Access Components 2.5 Service Pack 2

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222120 INFO: Last Trailing Zero in Numeric Field Truncated with Sybase Database
289280 BUG: Oracle ODBC Connectivity Slow with MDAC 2.5/2.6 on Windows 95/98/NT
292604 FIX: Microsoft ODBC Driver for Oracle Is Not Successful on Client Cursor with Embedded Bracket
293311 INFO: List of Bugs Fixed in MDAC 2.5 Service Pack 2
297997 PRB: MSXML Performance Bottleneck in ShareMutex Under Stress
298145 FIX: REPAIR_DB Option May Remove Encryption from Access 2000 Database
298943 BUG: "Connect Timeout" Value Does Not Persist in UDL File
300948 BUG: Incorrect TABLE_TYPE Is Returned for Excel Worksheets
304578 INFO: What Happens When MDAC 2.5 SP1 or SP2 Is Installed Over MDAC 2.6
305387 BUG: UpdateBatch Generates SQL Statement That Cannot Reuse SQL Server Query Plans
305838 PRB: MDAC Installation on Windows Terminal Server May Fail
306006 INFO: SQLState Returned by Microsoft Oracle ODBC Driver on Input Parameter Truncation
306345 PRB: ASP Error 80004005 "Data Source Name Not Found"
306386 PRB: FileMon Shows That DAO360.dll Fails to Load MSJet49.dll, MSJet48.dll, and Other MSJetxx.dll Files
306435 PRB: Jet 4.0 Row-Level Locking Is Not Available with DAO 3.60
308211 FIX: SQLDescribeCol Returns Wrong Column Size in a Union Query with Parameters
308264 BUG: SQLDescribeCol Returns Wrong Column Size in a Complex Union Query with Parameters
318375 FIX: SQL Server ODBC Driver Calls iswctype Excessively Causing Slower Performance
329414 MS02-065: Buffer overrun in Microsoft Data Access Components can lead to code execution
822758 INF: Available Release Manifests for MDAC Products
823317 FIX: Non-Admin Windows 2000 Users Cannot Create Global Objects by Using Terminal Services
823718 MS03-033: Security Update for Microsoft Data Access Components
832483 MS04-003: Buffer overrun in an MDAC function could allow code execution
837188 MDAC hotfixes do not install or the hotfix may be re-offered by Windows Update
915387 Installation requirements for the MDAC update that is described in Microsoft Security Bulletin MS06-014