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Articles for product: Microsoft Data Access Components 2.6 Service Pack 2

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297997 PRB: MSXML Performance Bottleneck in ShareMutex Under Stress
308264 BUG: SQLDescribeCol Returns Wrong Column Size in a Complex Union Query with Parameters
309166 PRB: MDAC Installation Rolls Back at the Very End of the Setup Process
311155 FIX: "ODBC SQL Server Driver" Error Message When You Use the MDAC 2.6 ODBC Driver from SP1 or SP2
311836 FIX: SQL Server Driver Fails to Connect over TCP/IP Using Three Parameters in Address Keyword
312495 FIX: SQLManageDataSources Fails When Connection Pooling Is Turned On at Process Level
312994 FIX: MSDAORA Incorrectly Returns Padded Data for a CONSTANT CHAR(x) Field
313888 A deadlock issue in the SQL Server network library occurs after a call to the ExitProcess function
314125 FIX: AV When You Call MSXML 2.6 Parser from a Stored Procedure
315761 FIX: SQLTables() with a Server-Side Cursor Returns No Data
319246 FIX: Error Dialog Box During SQL Server Database Backup
322170 PRB: Rollback from MDAC 2.6 Service Pack 2 Refresh Fails
327723 FIX: Access Violation Occurs with ODBC BCP and Connection Pooling
329414 MS02-065: Buffer overrun in Microsoft Data Access Components can lead to code execution
812554 FIX: ODBC Driver for SQL Server Converts Double Value to SQL_NUMERIC Value Incorrectly
818539 FIX: A deadlock occurs when you repeatedly load and then unload the Dbnetlib DLL
823718 MS03-033: Security Update for Microsoft Data Access Components
832483 MS04-003: Buffer overrun in an MDAC function could allow code execution
837188 MDAC hotfixes do not install or the hotfix may be re-offered by Windows Update