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Articles for product: Microsoft OLE DB Provider for Oracle Server 1.0

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222990 FIX: BUG: Error 0x80004005 Calling Certain Stored Procedures in Oracle
236790 FIX: Inserted LONGRAW Data Truncated with MSDAORA Provider Using AppendChunk
238164 FIX: "SELECT DISTINCT" Statement with Oracle Provider Causes "Invalid Column Name" Errors
244661 INFO: Limitations of Microsoft Oracle ODBC Driver and OLEDB Provider
258997 INFO: Oracle OLE DB Provider and ROWID Use
259941 FIX: 50 or More Output Parameters Produces "Unspecified Error" with the OLE DB Provider for Oracle
259959 INFO: Techniques to Debug Connectivity Issues to an Oracle Server Using the ODBC Driver and OLE DB Provider
264012 PRB: Connectivity Issue with MDAC and Oracle8i
267455 PRB: Problems Encountered When You Use Oracle Aggregate Functions on Non-Null Columns With Client-Side Cursors
269344 BUG: Microsoft Oracle ODBC Driver and OLE DB Provider Report "Driver Not Capable"
312994 FIX: MSDAORA Incorrectly Returns Padded Data for a CONSTANT CHAR(x) Field
322968 FIX: CColumnsInfo Reference Count Leak in MSDAORA REF CURSOR When You Retrieve Data from an Oracle Function