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Articles for product: Microsoft Visual C++ 4.2 Professional Edition

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119064 How To Retrieving a List of All ODBC Data Sources
127734 How to make sure that the ODBC.DLL and the ODBCCURS.DLL have the same cursor level in Visual C++
134391 Description of references that discuss ODBC in Visual C++
137814 How to use predefined queries that take parameters and do not return a result set with the MFC ODBC classes
150552 How to avoid the ODBC login dialog box when using MFC in Visual C++
151686 FIX: MFC ODBC Dynaset Cannot Update a SQL Server 6.0 View
153897 FIX: MFC DAO or ODBC App Crashes on Exit
159621 INFO: Difference Between OLE Controls and ActiveX Controls
166112 PRB: Conflict with EOF When Using #import with ADO
167158 How to package MFC controls in a Web page