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Articles for product: Microsoft Windows 2000 Professional Edition

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184299 Dual-Booting Windows NT 4.0 and Windows 2000 on NTFS Partitions
237995 Installing Usrmgr.exe and Srvmgr.exe in Windows 2000 Professional
246183 You receive error message 0x80090016 or error message 0x8009000f when you try to schedule a task
253066 OEM Support Tools Phase 3 Service Release 2 Availability
256299 "Access Denied" Error Message When Trying to Start a Service in Windows 2000
256345 How To Configure Group Policies to Set Security for System Services
257247 Policy Changing System Service Permissions Does Not Apply
260910 How to obtain the latest Windows 2000 service pack
266118 How to restore the default NTFS permissions for Windows 2000
271587 ASP pages use Time/Date format based on user that is logged on
300549 How to enable and apply security auditing in Windows 2000
318754 How to use Xcacls.exe to modify NTFS permissions
324216 How to secure IIS in a UNIX-to-Windows migration
906602 Troubleshoot common installation issues in Windows Update, Microsoft Update, and Windows Server Update Services