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Articles for product: Windows Server 2016 Standard

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178069 INFO: Storage of Private and Public Keys for MSMQ
243942 Terminal Services printer redirection not signaled on change to server-side Device Settings tab
247811 How Domain Controllers Are Located in Windows
255504 Transferring or seizing FSMO roles in Active Directory Domain Services
272279 How to Troubleshoot the File Replication Service and the Distributed File System
295663 How to import third-party certification authority (CA) certificates into the Enterprise NTAuth store
310072 Adding support for more than eight LUNs in Windows Server
324639 NET.EXE /ADD command does not support names longer than 20 characters
324949 Redirecting the users and computers containers in Active Directory domains
325850 How to use Netdom.exe to reset machine account passwords of a Windows Server domain controller
328492 Folder name is changed to "FolderName_NTFRS_<xxxxxxxx>"
837361 Kerberos protocol registry entries and KDC configuration keys in Windows
897615 Support policy for Microsoft software that runs on non-Microsoft hardware virtualization software
907462 "The directory datatype cannot be converted to / from a native DS datatype" error in Windows
934234 How to remove registry information for devices that will never be used again
944351 AD replication is not working with event 1865 logged
957006 Microsoft server software and supported virtualization environments
968264 "A specified logon session does not exist. It may already have been terminated" error when you try to map to a network drive of a DFS share
969608 Users cannot open or create content that is protected by Active Directory Rights Management Services, and an error code 12057 is logged
970759 Configuring IIS World Wide Web Publishing Service in a Windows Server failover cluster
974603 How to configure FTP for IIS in a Windows Server failover cluster
978772 Description of support boundaries for Active Directory over NAT
2510009 Microsoft support policy for 4K sector hard drives in Windows
2602377 Constrained delegation for CIFS fails with ACCESS_DENIED error
2680976 Troubleshooting AD Replication error 8240: "There is no such object on the server"
2694215 Troubleshooting AD Replication error 1818: The remote procedure call was cancelled
2703028 Troubleshooting AD Replication error 8589: The DS cannot derive a service principal name (SPN)
2712026 Troubleshooting AD Replication error 1908: Could not find the domain controller for this domain.
2734946 Troubleshooting AD Replication error 8418: The replication operation failed because of a schema mismatch between the servers involved.
2792897 Changes to calendar date in BIOS are not reflected in Windows
2833839 Installing the Remote Desktop Session Host role service on Windows Server without the Connection Broker role service
2928127 Hyper-V virtual machine supported file locations
2967756 Usability limit for Volume Shadow Copy Service (VSS) in Windows
2969300 "Faulted Not Found" status for NIC team after you restart Windows from an iSCSI boot disk
2986364 Event ID 13552 and 13555 are logged in the File Replication Service log on a Windows-based domain controller
2989971 Can't log on after changing machine account password in mixed Windows Server 2012 R2 or Windows Server 2016 and Windows Server 2003 environment
3001248 Active Directory replication error 8464: Synchronization attempt failed
3011079 MPIO is not supported for pass-through disks in virtual machines
3040793 Task Manager shows incorrect total system memory if 16-GB or 32-GB memory modules are installed
3066175 Churn from Full Garbage Collection during deduplication can cause performance problems in Windows Server
3193479 MS16-140: Security update for boot manager: November 8, 2016
3193706 MS16-134: Security update for common log file system driver: November 8, 2016
3198613 Start menu shortcuts aren't immediately accessible in Windows Server 2016 and Windows Server 2019
3199120 MS16-132: Security update for Microsoft graphics component: November 8, 2016
3199135 MS16-135: Security update for Windows kernel-mode drivers: November 8, 2016
3199151 MS16-131: Security update for Microsoft Video Control: November 8, 2016
3199173 MS16-137: Security update for Windows authentication methods: November 8, 2016
3199647 MS16-138: Security update to Microsoft virtual hard drive: November 8, 2016
3199709 MS16-152: Security update for Windows kernel: December 13, 2016
3201247 Netlogon service doesn't retain settings after an in-place upgrade to Windows Server 2016 or Windows Server 2019