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Articles for product: Microsoft Win32 Application Programming Interface

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74298 INFO: Calculating Text Extents of Bold and Italic Text
125212 Performing a Synchronous Spawn Under Win32s
173260 Synchronization failure when debugging
179378 How To Browse for Folders from the Current Directory
180548 How to validate user credentials on Microsoft operating systems
183366 INFO: WNetAddConnection2 and Multiple User Credentials
185292 SetUserObjectSecurity returns ERROR_NOT_ENOUGH_QUOTA
196774 Stablupd.exe Manipulate String Resources in an Executable
210341 Unicode support in Windows 95 and Windows 98
226494 Events for Performance Monitor extensions
232536 How to enumerate and run available Control Panel applications
318825 Changes to the behavior of the default discretionary access control list (DACL) for administrators on a Windows XP-based system
326256 PRB: Privileges Are Unexpectedly Removed from the Access Token
331367 PRB: Cannot Decrypt Data Using Data Encryption Standard (DES) Key Across Windows Platforms
920754 Error message when you call the WTSQueryUserToken API function in a 32-bit application or a Windows Service that is running on an x64-based Windows system: "ERROR_INSUFFICIENT_BUFFER"
2853424 AppInit_DLLs in Windows 8 and Windows Server 2012