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Articles for product: Microsoft Access 95 Standard Edition

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95327 ACC: Error When Importing dBASE, FoxPro, or Paradox Table
97624 ACC: How to Synchronize Two Combo Boxes on a Form
100149 ACC: How to Use the Quit Macro Action or Quit Method
112112 ACC: How to Optimize Queries in Microsoft Access 2.0, Microsoft Access 95, and Microsoft Access 97
115915 ACC: Sample Expressions to Extract Portion of Text String
130514 ACC: Storing, Calculating, and Comparing Date/Time Data
141621 ACC: How to Create Pop-up Context-Sensitive Help (95/97)
148463 ACC: How to Display Images in a Form or in a Report Without Storing the Images in a Table
150057 Microsoft Access newsgroups available on the Internet
153748 ACC: How to Call Excel Functions from Within Microsoft Access
164109 ACC: Where to Find Microsoft Access Information on the Web
167309 ACC: Sample Procedure to Fill a TreeView Control Recursively
176201 ACC: How to Import a Works Database into Microsoft Access
182822 ACC: How to Transpose Data in a Table or Query
183936 ACC: "File Already in Use" Error When Opening Database on Novell
184988 ACC: "Selected Collating Sequence Not Supported" or "Unrecognized Database Format" Error
215155 XL2000: Linked Excel Sheet Appears to Make Computer Stop Responding
217156 PRB: Jet Doesn't Honor AllowZeroLength=No When Table Created With CREATE TABLE SQL Statement
234525 ACC: Running Stored Access Queries with Wildcards via ODBC May Return Incorrect Results
243304 BUG: CREATE INDEX on Attached Table Fails Silently with More than 10 Fields
246093 OFF2000: Windows Installer Breaks Access 95 File Association
296179 How to share a database in a dual-version environment
875288 The Access Conversion Scanning Tool does not collect Access properties information for Access databases
875289 Description of how to run the Access Conversion Scanning Tool at the command-line interface
875290 You may receive the "Invalid command line" error message when you run the Access Conversion Scanning Tool at the command prompt