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Articles for product: Internet Explorer 6.0 Service Pack 2

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286251 Cannot Set Proxy Policy Settings to "Not Configured" After They Have Been Enabled
897169 FIX: The history for the current day (Today) is not cleared when you programmatically clear the history in Internet Explorer 6 SP1 or a later version
951375 When you use the "Site to Zone Assignment List" policy setting to add an IP address to a security zone, the IP address is not displayed in Internet Explorer 6
957588 Internet Explorer 6 may crash randomly when you browse some Web sites that display a PNG file on a Windows Server 2003-based computer
961051 Microsoft Security Advisory: Vulnerability in Internet Explorer could allow remote code execution
971131 Internet Explorer 6 may crash if you visit a Web site that contains an MFC ActiveX control after you install MS09-014