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Articles for product: SQL Server 2008 R2 Enterprise

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2216456 SQL Server 2008 Service Pack 2 and SQL Server 2008 R2 Service Pack 2 enhancements to the "Operation has been cancelled" error message text in Analysis Services
2252955 Considerations when using the SQL Server Full-Text search engine for the Japanese language
2270849 Error 0x80040e97 occurs when you use integrated full-text search in SQL Server
2280126 SQL Server 2008 full-text query may return false positives using number with more than 9 digits as search predicate condition
2292737 Rebuilding an index can result in fragmented index when ALLOW_PAGE_LOCKS option is not enabled
2295405 SQL Server service crashes when you run an Oracle linked server query
2310152 Oracle publication triggers sends data for non-published columns when replicating with Microsoft SQL Server
2407439 You may notice an increased transaction log sizes in SQL Server 2008 and later versions when you perform Index Maintenance
2416767 You may get an error message when trying to load or save a SSIS package
2423467 How to create a trace log that helps troubleshoot MDS database creation issues
2423478 How to enable Trace Logging in SQL Server 2008 R2 and 2012 Master Data Services
2425714 Support for System Center Operations Manager 2007 R2 that runs on a SQL Server 2008 R2 database
2429685 Cannot connect to a named instance of a clustered analysis services
2443455 You may experience connectivity issues if SQL Server service account delegation settings are misconfigured
2443457 You may experience connectivity issues to SQL Server if SPNs are misconfigured
2449398 Error message when you try to install SQL Server 2008 R2
2454053 Use of system filter drivers can lead to SQL Server Database Engine performance degradation and consistency problems
2470176 Applications may fail after upgrading your database from SQL Server 2000 to a later version
2483962 [SDP 3][5da7d6cb-35c7-4eec-b453-04cceaa24307] SQL Server General Data Collection Diagnostic for Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 R2
2490051 Mirrored databases are disconnected after you restart the database mirror in SQL Server 2005, SQL Server 2008, or SQL Server 2008 R2
2496344 SQL Server Installation Center may display English content on a localized version of SQL Server after you apply a cumulative update
2508239 An AFTER INSERT trigger may not work correctly after you apply the fix documented in 975950
2519834 SQL Server reports "Operating system error 1117 (I/O Device Error)" on VMware ESX environments that are configured to use PVSCSI adapters
2520691 Updating a view via Linked server query may fail
2523164 SQL Server configuration changes may not be installed because they have not been reconfigured or SQL Server has not been restarted
2523744 The transaction log may grow without a log backup for a database using the FULL recovery model
2539091 You should not disable the guest user in the msdb database in SQL Server
2547273 You cannot add or remove features to a SQL Server 2008, SQL Server 2008 R2, or SQL Server 2012 failover cluster
2549443 Improve the performance of full-text queries in SQL Server
2585240 SQL Server stored procedure custom conflict resolver adds "0x00" to conflicting columns
2585632 Synchronization for SQL Server merge replication fails when an article uses a stored procedure custom conflict resolver
2587929 SQL Server reports error 17310 after you apply the fix from KB 2515286
2598510 DateTime values are rounded to the nearest second when a business logic handler is used in SQL Server 2008 or SQL Server 2008 R2
2598605 A custom SQL Server business logic handler replaces an empty string with an end-of-string character
2599822 Error message when a business logic handler is used in SQL Server: "The merge process could not store conflict information"
2600089 Use of virtual host drivers can lead to SQL Server Database Engine data consistency problems
2605597 FIX: Time-out error when a mirrored database connection is created by the .NET Framework data provider for SQLClient
2618570 "0x80770006" and "3201" errors after you install an instance of SQL Server 2008 R2 and later versions
2620201 SQL Server uses a service SID to provide service isolation
2621109 [SDP 3][a9a06d82-6a20-424a-b9ac-3f36236d4f5a] SQL Server Setup data-collection diagnostic tool
2632388 SQL NUMA Node IDs reported in SQL Errorlog may not match hardware NUMA node IDs
2633151 The SQL Server database transaction log file does not grow by the configured file growth value
2644592 The "awe enabled" SQL Server feature is deprecated
2646329 How to troubleshoot "Msg 3041" in SQL Server
2646528 Using rowguidcol in filter definition is not supported in merge replication
2650553 Error message in SQL Server 2008 Replication Monitor: "An error occurred while retrieving the publication data"
2656988 How to enable the CHECKSUM option if backup utilities do not expose the option
2664701 Support in SQL Server for custom COM-based conflict resolvers that handle merge replication
2665883 -PacketSize parameter is also available for Merge Agent
2666213 A TDE-enabled database may not recover in SQL Server 2008 or in SQL Server 2008 R2