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Articles for product: Windows 8

Article ID Article Title Hidden
17588 Fix problems that block programs from being installed or removed
260729 How to enable Schannel event logging in Windows and Windows Server
947238 Event ID: 1530 may be logged in the Application log in Windows
956627 Kerberos tickets are issued even though the time difference between the client clock and the domain controller clock is greater than the "Maximum tolerance for computer clock synchronization" value
2004242 Second screen or Projector mode does not persist after you close and reopen a laptop lid
2006076 Screen refresh rate in Windows does not apply the user selected settings on monitors & TVs (that report specific TV compatible timings)
2287297 A COM+ application may stop working in Windows when a user logs off
2493888 Terminal Services Easy Print is not supported if RDC ActiveX control is run in WOW64
2714823 Links are broken or content is missing when you update a website that is hosted on a computer that is running IIS 7.5
2787623 Microsoft Store Apps Fail to Start if the User Profiles or the ProgramData directory are Moved from their Default Location
2798317 Microsoft Store Apps fail to start if default registry or file permissions modified
3103683 TPM 2.0 device may be missing on Windows
4027947 Delete cookies in Microsoft Edge
4467266 Local computer behaves as if the Windows logo key is pressed after you switch from a Remote Desktop session
4467761 What happens when Windows 7 support ends?
4494445 TCP Receive Window Auto-Tuning Level feature in Windows
4494447 Use Group Policy to apply WinHTTP proxy settings to Windows clients
4555686 Temporarily allow cookies and site data in Microsoft Edge
4567569 GDI APIs fail when large pages or VAD spanning are used
4576856 Windows Update Troubleshooter for Windows 7 and Windows 8
4577186 View cookies in Microsoft Edge