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Articles for product: Microsoft Windows XP Media Center Edition 2005 Update Rollup 2

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172430 Disabling the Save Password option in Dial-Up Networking
282402 How do I configure Internet Explorer to download more than two files at one time?
328848 Description of dual-mode update packages for Windows XP
818408 "Windows - Delayed Write" error message and Event ID 14800 when you try to copy a large file to a Web folder by using WebDAV
818529 MS03-020: June, 2003, Cumulative Patch for Internet Explorer
819946 A Program Stops Performing a Task or Explorer.exe Uses 100 Percent of the CPU When You Right-Click an Item in Windows Explorer
826234 Virus alert about the Nachi worm
828750 MS03-040: October, 2003, Cumulative Patch for Internet Explorer
830846 Windows Product Updates may stop responding or may use most or all the CPU resources
842773 An update package that includes BITS 2.0 and WinHTTP 5.1 is available for Windows Server 2003, for Windows XP, and for Windows 2000
865219 How to show or hide file name extensions in Windows Explorer
900934 Security update 896428 adds a new registry key that lets the Telnet client disclose additional environment variables in Windows Server 2003 and in Windows XP
901168 The registry entries are not updated when Microsoft re-releases a security update or a hotfix in Windows 2000, Windows XP, and Windows Server 2003
906602 Troubleshoot common installation issues in Windows Update, Microsoft Update, and Windows Server Update Services
911562 MS06-014: Vulnerability in Microsoft Data Access Components (MDAC) function could allow code execution
912919 MS06-001: Vulnerability in graphics rendering engine could allow remote code execution
913538 A WMI enumerator object is canceled before the client computer can finish using the enumerator object on a Windows Server 2003-based or Windows XP-based client computer
915170 Error message on Windows XP with Windows Update Version 5: "0x80240030 Cannot Access Windows Update"
918118 MS07-013: Vulnerability in Microsoft RichEdit could allow remote code execution
922481 Description of the security update for the ASP.NET development platform
922770 MS06-056: Vulnerability in ASP.NET 2.0 could allow for information disclosure
926185 No restore points are available when you use Windows Vista, Windows 7 or Windows Server 2008-based operating systems in a dual-boot configuration together with an earlier Windows operating system
928386 Sysprep functions and known issues
949375 Error message when you try to install Windows XP SP3: "You do not have enough free disk space on %SystemDrive% to archive the uninstall files"