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Articles for product: Microsoft Office Excel 2003

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211912 Cannot use Web data source as PivotTable data in Excel
211933 Chart display options change according to page setup
211951 Overview of the built-in chart types in Excel
212074 A Visual Basic procedure that opens a workbook may halt in Excel
212144 Hyphens and apostrophes are sorted after alphabetic letters in Excel
212250 Cannot add a data table to some charts in Excel
212366 Rotated text in an Excel worksheet is displayed horizontally when you view the text in a browser
212746 Cell fill color bleeds into adjacent cells in Excel when the file is viewed in Web browser
213181 Run-time error using FormulaArray property
213189 Stop Recording Toolbar is not displayed when you record a macro
213203 XL2000: Run-Time Error Message Occurs When Using SpecialCells Method with Protection
213243 Odd refresh behavior after you specify a conditional format in Excel
213413 Visual Basic macro to show active cell's range names in Excel
213438 How to programmatically select every nth row in a range in Excel
213477 VBA macro to concatenate columns of data in Excel
213495 How to use a formula in Excel to calculate the average of a data sample without the highest and lowest values
213548 "255 characters in cell" error when copying worksheet
213598 You cannot use the PrintOut method when the custom dialog box is visible
213630 How to use the IF THEN ELSE statement and the SELECT CASE statement in examples written in Visual Basic for Excel
213638 How to create a macro that counts comments
213650 Error opening file that refers to shortcut
213689 Compile error occurs running a recorded macro that uses the Solver add-in
213719 Description of the Value2 property for the Range object in Excel
213740 How to record a macro using relative cell references in Excel
213750 How to use a macro to add labels to data points in an xy scatter chart or in a bubble chart in Excel
213754 How to customize a custom toolbar button
213773 How to create data validation circles for printing in Excel
213798 Sample Visual Basic macros for working with arrays in Excel
213800 In Office programs, you receive a "Specified COMMAND search directory had too many parameters" error message when you try to use an MS-DOS core command from the Shell function
213801 Sample Visual Basic code to create a color index table in Excel
213823 Macro that changes cell dimensions on multiple sheets does not run as expected
213826 XL2000: Visual Basic Macro to List Circular References
213836 Update remote references check box is usually selected in Excel 2003 and in earlier versions of Excel
213841 Passed strings longer than 255 characters are truncated in Excel
213886 The AutoFilter status bar displays the "Filter Mode" message in Excel
213915 How to create a Gantt chart using hours as the scale
213923 How to use AutoFilter to filter records based on cell formatting in Excel
214011 How to create a column chart with two Y-axes in Excel
214029 The selected Data Analysis tool uses only data from the active sheet if sheets of a workbook are grouped in Excel
214033 Pie Chart Shows Incorrect Percentage Value in Excel
214042 You receive an error message when you access files from a floppy disk in Excel
214058 Days of the week before March 1, 1900 are incorrect in Excel
214070 Description of filtering and extracting a record that contains a text string in Excel
214073 You receive an error message when you try to save a file in Excel
214098 Error Message when you use the Fourier Analysis tool in Microsoft Excel: "Fourier Analysis - The Number of Input Values Must Be 4096 or Less"
214114 Unexpected result pasting non-contiguous range from Excel into Word
214250 Excel cannot open MultiPlan files
214278 Row Height Changes When You Print to a Different Printer
214282 Sorting alphanumeric text as numeric values
214286 XL: Some Worksheet Functions Do Not Allow Array Constants