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Description of the Local Install Source feature in 2007 Office programs

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This article describes the Local Install Source feature in 2007 Microsoft Office programs.

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Local Install Source is a Setup feature that copies the installation source files from the 2007 Office program installation media, such as the 2007 Office program CD, to the Msocache folder. This folder is a hidden folder on the local hard disk drive.

The installation source files are always copied from the installation media to the Msocache folder on the same hard disk drive to which you install the 2007 Office programs. The Setup program stops and rolls back to the previous Microsoft Office installation if either of the following conditions is true:
  • The hard disk drive to which you are installing the 2007 Office program does not have sufficient free disk space for the installed files plus the files that are copied from the installation source.
  • The hard disk drive has sufficient space. However, this hard disk drive is a removable drive or a network drive.
The Local Install Source feature is installed so that you do not have to insert the CD during the following Setup operations:
  • The Detect and repair operation
  • The Demand install operation
  • The Maintenance mode setup operation
  • The installation of service packs and updates
Also, you cannot remove the Local Install Source feature after the installation has been completed. The Windows Cleanup Wizard does not include an option to remove this feature.

Note If you install other 2007 Office programs to different hard disk drives on the computer, an Msocache folder is created on each hard disk drive.

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