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Get control of your cash flow with Excel

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�Watch cash flow!� warns spreadsheet wiz, Charley Kyd. �If you�re a small business, without access to the credit large businesses have, it�s critical for you to gain better control of your cash flow.�

That�s where Excel can help. The following four articles, written by Kyd for his site,, can help you master various functions of Excel with the goal of better knowing where you really stand financially:

Add cash flow information to your Excel balance sheets
When most people look at financial statements, they tend to concentrate on the income statement and ignore the balance sheet. Find out how a simple change to an Excel balance sheet can provide key information to help you manage your cash flow more effectively.

Use this Excel 'cash flow balance sheet' to see sources and uses of funds between two periods
For most businesses, cash flow is more important than profits and losses. Discover how to use Excel to get a clearer picture of how changes in your balance sheet can affect your cash flow.

Manage periodic payments with an Excel Cash Calendar
Most companies must periodically write checks to companies that don't send invoices. Find out how to create a worksheet that helps you plan and track these cash requirements.

Use Excel to fix your broken AR Measure of Days Sales Outstanding in Receivables
Measuring your Accounts Receivable (AR) performance is vitally important yet often hard to do. There�s a better way. Learn the secret to better tracking AR and improving your cash flow forecasts.

About Charley Kyd
Charley is the founder of, a website that focuses on the business use of Excel. Author, columnist, and consultant.�He is best known for his e-books and spreadsheet templates which are used in large and small companies around the world.

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