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XADM: Removing Objects Whose Tombstone Expired Before DirRep

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You delete an object from a Microsoft Exchange Site but the object is never removed from one or more other Sites that participate in Directory Replication (DirRep).

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The tombstone for the object in question expired before the object was replicated.

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One way to ensure that this object is removed from all Sites and all other changes are propagated properly, is to remove the Directory Replication Connectors between the Site where the object was originally and the Site(s) which still show the deleted object.

In many circumstances, this workaround is not acceptable. One example of when this workaround may not be acceptable is when the Sites are connected by slow links. Removing Directory Replication connectors will also affect Distribution List (DL) memberships if DLs have members from multiple sites. Please do not remove Directory Replication connector without fully understanding all the consequences.

Another workaround that addresses the removal of the specific object in question only is outlined below. To help illustrate the steps necessary, lets use an example. Site USA has a user named Tom Jones on Server Nevada. Site USA has a Directory Replication Connector to Site Europe.
                  DirRep Connector
Site - USA           <--------->        Site - Europe
Server - Nevada                         Server - England

Tom Jones is then deleted from Server Nevada but the tombstone expires before the delete is propagated to Server England. To delete Tom Jones from the England Server, follow these steps:
  1. On the England Server, get Raw Properties on the stranded Tom Jones object, making note of Obj-Dist-Name and Object-Version.
  2. On the Nevada Server, on the File menu, click New Mailbox to create a new Mailbox. Ensure that the Obj-Dist-Name is identical to the one on the England Server.
  3. Make minor changes to the new object until its Object-Version is greater than the one on the England Server.
  4. Wait for the new object to be replicated from Site USA to Site Europe.

    (This can be hurried by doing a Request Now from the England Server.)
  5. Once the object has been replicated, delete the new object from the Nevada Server.
The delete will now be replicated to the England Server and the orphaned Tom Jones will be removed.

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