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XADM: Send & Receive logs in MDBDATA directory

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A set of log files is created in the \Mdbdata subdirectory of Microsoft Exchange Server when you set Sending and Delivering diagnostics logging for either the private and public information stores to Maximum.

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More information

The log files have the following format:
where xxxxx starts with 00001 and is incremented as necessary. The Dlv.log and Snd.log are the last logs created. These logs contain XAPI properties as manipulated between the MTA and the store. These logs are not meant to be used by mail system administrators and are only useful for troubleshooting and when requested by Microsoft support or development personnel.

It is safe to delete these log files at any time

WARNING: The store transaction logs names have the following format: Edb.log, Edb00000.log. When you delete the trace logs, be careful not to delete any transaction logs or you may lose the ability to recover a full store if a backup needs to be restored.

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