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Articles for product: Microsoft XML Parser 2.5

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223337 INFO: Loading/Saving XML Data Using the Internet Explorer XML Parser
234460 BUG: URL Property on XMLHTTPRequest's ResponseXML Is Not Set
246230 SAMPLE: XMLTree Uses XML DOM from C++
263247 How To Obtain an ADO Recordset from XML
264869 PRB: Persisting XML Directly into DOM Causes Run-Time Error '438'
285081 INFO: XMLHTTPRequest Object Requires Internet Explorer 5.0 or Later
289867 How to use the PROPFIND command in WebDAV to find a property value on a public folder item
289870 HOWTO: Use PROPPATCH in WebDAV to Change a Property Value of a Word Document
289871 How To Use MKCOL in WebDAV to Create a New Folder
290197 How To Use MOVE in WebDAV to Move a Mail Item to Another Folder
290407 How To Use COPY in WebDAV to Copy a Mail Item to Another Folder
293099 BUG: Cached XML files generate unnecessary GET requests
297997 PRB: MSXML Performance Bottleneck in ShareMutex Under Stress
298961 FIX: No Error Message When XML Malformed File Opened in Internet Explorer on Windows 95/98/Me Systems
299388 How to persist server-side XML in a client-side, hidden HTML element
300185 How To Get and Set a Property on a Public Folder Item Using WebDAV